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Scourged Maps and Items Get Improved

Path Of Exile Scourge League has been released for a while, and the GGG developers have fixed and improved many bugs. The latest patch has also made more improvements to the game, especially on the map and items.

The developers saw some posts shared by POE players on the Internet, and they expressed their frustration. Based on this, the developers made changes so that the generated downsides of Scourged items no longer counteract the upsides.

A Scourged Map with the modifier that makes you enter Nightmare reaching the maximum Blood will now drain Blood over time. In addition, leaving the Nightmare zone will cause you to lose all your accumulated Blood.

For bug fixes, Plague Bearer will display the correct Plague Value in the Skill Bar after getting the passive mastery to increase the value. In addition, the Raise Spectre will raise the correct minion this time.

Scourge Improvements

* Scourged items can no longer generate downsides that directly offset their upside

* When you reach the maximum Blood, the Scourged Map modifier will cause you to shift into Nightmare. Now there will be a slight drain of Blood over time, although the blood lost for killing a Scourge monster is reduced to 0.4%. When you shift out of the Nightmare, it will also cause you to lose all your blood.

* When the Blood reaches the maximum, Scourged Maps will shift into Nightmare. When you shift out the Nightmare, it will no longer be able to teleport you to the Incursion.

Other Improvements

* The damage of the Delve Spider Flicker Strike skill has been reduced

* The damage of the exploding pods in the Stagnation Map boss fight has been reduced

* The Rank 1 Defences Crafting Bench options now have a cost of 4 Orbs of Transmutation (previously 6 Orbs of Alteration)

* The Siren Weapon Microtransaction found in the shop has been renamed Trident Weapon

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