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The Endgame Of Path Of Exile Can Inspire Other Similar Games, Such As Diablo 4

Mar 03, 2021

Diablo 4 is the next mainline game of a loot-based ARPG series Diablo. Although Diablo 3 is an excellent game, it also suffers from major release and balance issues. So Blizzard is avoiding these problems in Diablo 4. And one of the biggest elements lacking in the Diablo 3 series is its endgame content, which it should learn from Path Of Exile.

Path Of Exile is characterized by challenge leagues and introduces the main mechanics for players to try and finally integrate into the standard league in some way. This not only allows POE to create brand new endgame content in accordance with a consistent schedule, but also allows the number of new mechanics introduced by the standard league to far exceed Diablo 3, and allows players to choose their favorite content.

The main part of Path of Exile comes from completing the map, which is the player kills monsters and bosses in the map and obtains loot, thereby promoting their builds. However, some other options have been introduced in previous leagues, allowing players to continue to upgrade their gear when they lose interest in mapping. The diversity of the endgame content ensures that POE has a solid foundation for the endgame, and also allows players to determine how to achieve their goals.

Although POE is geared towards hardcore players and will inevitably provide a deeper game endgame, in fact, this is a more attractive way.

Because under normal circumstances, the endgame of the loot-based ARPG will inevitably become a boring grind, but POE alleviates this problem and gives it diversity. So POE is definitely a game worth learning from similar games. If you are tired of Diablo 3, then POE is worth trying.

If you are a new POE player, you can view the previous POE guide on, which will let you master the game mechanics and gameplay more quickly, and will also provide some POE builds guides.

As for the various POE currency required in the game, such as Exalted Orb and Chaos Orb, you can find them on These POE Currency For Sale are completely legit, and you don't have to worry about any risks.


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