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The Guide Is Definitely What You Need! More Details About POE Ritual League Mechanics

Finally, the POE Ritual League has begun, so for POE fans, this is a very exciting thing. In addition, many new players have already made enough preparations for the new league. To help you quickly understand the mechanics of this league, we have listed the relevant information and details, hope this can help you.

About Ritual Altars

After you arrive at Wraeclast, you will find Ritual Altars. There is a big ritual circle on the ground and a small ritual circle on the minimap. There will be several rituals in a zone, from the first 2-3 to the 7 in the end.

In the middle of the circle, you will see the altar. There will be several types of monsters in this league. To start the ritual, you need to click on the altar. If the altar is not clickable, which means you can't start the ritual. Some area monsters have left in the circle and you need to kill them. After that, when the altar makes a sound, you can interact with it.

After you start the ritual, you will not be able to get out of the ritual circle because the map around it will turn black. At this time, you need to kill all the summoned monsters to finish the ritual. Once you are killed in the ritual, you will be resurrected in the town. But if you can survive, you will get all the tribute. The next ritual altar in the same zone will summon the whole monster from the previous Altar in this zone and some others, so you need to be fully prepared.

About Tribute Points

Tribute is the number of points you get by killing monsters in the ritual. The faster and more you kill them, the more Tribute you'll get. Note that if the totems summoned by the altar don't bother you, you don't have to kill them. When you clear all the waves, they will disappear.

About Favours

After you finish the ritual, click on the altar and you can see what items you will get for Tribute. You have a chance to get a unique item. You can't take them all away, which requires you to pick something that is beneficial to you now. If you don't see what you need, you can reroll once in each zone, but this will cost you 600 Tribute. The Reroll button is at the top of the Favours window, near your Tribute count.

If you see a great item, but you can't afford it right now, you can click on the Defer item so you can save it for future use. This requires you to pay 15% of the item cost, if you don't have so much Tribute, then you can't defer it.

In the next area, the cost of deferred items will cost 10% lower than the original cost, so you don't have to pay that much.

The deferred item does not always appear in the next area, it may appear in the second or third area afterward.

If you see a red frame around the deferred item, it means this is the last time you have seen the item deferred, unless you defer it this time.

If you see the yellow frame, it means that the next time you see this item, its price will rise again, unless you defer it this time.

About Ritual Vessel

It is endgame content and is stackable, you can use it to list the monsters in the ritual in detail. This means you can use a Ritual Vessel on the altar to seal the monster type to it. You will see their item level, zone and type, this time it is called Blood-filled Vessel.

After that, you can use one or up to four Blood-filled Vessels in the map device. This will fill the map with the monster-type that you seal and put in the map device. Then you will face greater challenges on the map, you will get more rewards accordingly.

Using Ritual Vessels to farm maps is very useful, because after you complete the rituals in Favours, you will have a higher chance of getting rare content, such as Mirror of Kalandra. You can also use Vessels on maps with Delirium or Blight encounters, which will increase your chances of getting better rewards related to the content.

This is the relevant content about Ritual League, hope you can get familiar with the game mechanism faster through it. Later, will also update more POE guides, including the best builds. So, if you are a big fan of POE, you can subscribe to

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