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This Flask Will Be Nerfed By POE 3.21!

Mar 07, 2023

If you’ve ever felt squishy and wanted to add another generic layer of defense to your build, you probably gravitated towards something like Spell Suppression. But now, there’s another option that in many ways is even more powerful since it applies to both spells and attacks.

You may also notice that sometimes there’s a kind of weirdish coloring that it takes on and that is because I’m using the flask Progenesis, an amazing new defensive layer that works for any life-based build in Path of Exile. Therefore, if you have enough POE Currency, I highly recommend you get some.

 What Is Progenesis?

Progenesis is a flask that prevents life loss from hits and instead causes you to lose the life over time. Now, luckily, there’ are a lot of ways to get a really good recovery in Path of Exile. So, you can kind of think of this as having 25 percent more HP.

To use my character as an example, now I have 4775 Health. But with Progenesis active, it will take a hit of nearly 6,000 damage post mitigation to kill me outright or it’s going to take a lot of minor hits. And with each little hit, there’s a chance for my recovery on suppress recovery, on block, life regen, recoup or life flask to start bringing my health back up and counteract the damage I take. This is why Progenesis is so powerful.

POE Progenesis

How To Use Progenesis?

*On the other hand, if you want to know how to use Progenesis, there’ are a few best practices to keep in mind. But first is it has a negative 35 to plus 35 duration mod. So, unless you’re very heavily invested into flasks, you’ll want one with a positive modifier, even if it is a little pricier.

*Another important thing to note is increased flask charges gained, reduced flask charges use and flask effect duration are all great ways to scale the uptime. Or, you can use something like I have where my Solstice Vigil causes effects to expire more slowly on me and that does apply to flasks. 

Because of a life loss prevention is a numerical value. This also means it’s scaled by flask effect, so if you have 100 increased effect to flasks on you, then you effectively take 50 less damage from hits. This won’t mitigate damage over time, but it mitigates both spells and attacks and doesn’t care if the damage is physical, chaos or elemental.

POE Solstice Vigil

*Finally, because you’re steadily losing life, you’ll want a way to steadily recover it. And that’s where things like recoup come in because recoup cares about the damage you would have taken. Therefore, automatically replenishes your life, even as of a progenesis debuff is ticking down.

So, picking up some recoup on your rings, the tree or jewels is a great way to counter the degenerative effect. Of course, you don’t have to use recoup. Life get on hit, life leech or even life regen are all also great options. Then, you’re not going to die immediately, and it happens over time. So, worst case you can always hit your life flask if you need some recovery.

Between 319 and 320, there have been a lot of really interesting defensive mechanics added to Path of Exile and most of them haven’t been fully explored yet and now as someone, who loves mechanical interactions, I’m probably going to be exploring more of him in the future.


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