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Wait Is Almost Over! Expansion 3.13.0 Of Path Of Exile Will Be Released On January

It has been quite calm for Path Of Exile recently, because it was originally planned to release the next league this month, but it was postponed to avoid Cyberpunk 2077. Now GGG has confirmed that the 3.13.0 expansion will be revealed on January 7th, 2021 at 11 am PST on Twitch.

We can expect something through the latest Teaser. The expansion has been determined to focus on Atlas of Worlds, POE end-game content. The last major change is Conquerors of the Atlas. The main threats of Shaper and Elder have been removed, and there are 5 new bosses will be introduced. The main tease of this expansion is: she is near, and eager to witness your struggle. So many fans guess whether there will be a new boss that will replace Conquerors.

After a long wait, fans can finally welcome new content. Fortunately, while waiting, the POE official also launched three events for players, making the wait for fans not so boring. Now The heist flashback event is in full swing. Now, after it ends, 3.13.0 is also about to come.

The upcoming new expansion also means that you have to start preparing POE Currency for it again. After all, the eternal thing in the game is currency. Because the trading system in the game makes many players confused, so appeared.

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