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Wanna Get More Money In POE? Let Me Tell U Which Contracts Are The Most Lucrative!

As a free action RPG game, Path Of Exile is considered the spiritual successor of Diablo II. It has a large fan base. With the launch of the Heist League, more and more people are attracted by this concept, and many players are enjoying the fun of it. At the same time, it would be great if you can make profits, so this guide will tell you how to get the most lucrative in the Heist League! What contract should you choose and what chests to open!

For the most lucrative chest and the contract, the main idea of them is supposed to be with chaos per hour, which means you get the most lucrative in chaos orbs tantamount per hour for clearing Demolition Contracts and opening there Delirium Chests.

Many people may wonder, why are Delirium chests so profitable? Let me tell you why, it is due to the price for delirium orbs and specific cluster jewels.

Contracts Tier List

In the contract level list, you can not only see the type of Contract job and the name of the most lucrative chest you can find, but also the ranks, showing the best way to get money.

As you can see, a series of operations are inseparable from POE Currency. It can be seen that POE Currency still plays an important role in the Heist league. For some players, it is fun to slowly accumulate POE Currency in the game. But for players who don't have so much time, the way to get POE Currency is to go to a store to buy.

Considering the recent rampant scammers in the market, choosing a trustworthy store is the first prerequisite. Then is absolutely trustworthy. You can not only buy the most economical products on but also enjoy the most considerate service. If you have any questions, you can ask our staff at any time, They will answer for you patiently.

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