What Can We Expect For Path Of Exile 3.13
What Can We Expect For Path Of Exile 3.13

2021 is coming soon, which means that POE 3.13.0 is not far away from us. On January 7th, GGG will announce the theme of the related expansion. Before that, there is some leaked news, we can take a look together.

Atlas of Worlds

This may be the first time that the Atlas of Worlds has been adjusted since the POE beta. It wants to provide players with a visible framework and high-level goal. Atlas of Worlds will introduce Shaper as an opponent, and Forsaken Master Zana will join your alley and guide for the storyline. When you first enter the new maps, Shaper will read "Shaper Quotes" by himself

This is a reasonable basis for the story. It has only 7 memory fragments and some updates from Zana. Apart from the core map experience, it does not include other content.

Wars for the Atlas

Wars for the Atlas changed the origin of Shaper to a certain extent and revealed his relationship with Zana. It treats Elder as a new enemy and puts Elder and Shaper as opposing forces.

Of the three main endgame expansions, this should be the most complete narrative. Its advantage is that it uses Atlas of Worlds as a foundation, allowing you to spend time thinking about Shaper before Elder was introduced.

Conquerors of the Atlas

Conquerors introduced NPC Kirac, and 5 characters that are gradually catching up with the Atlas - Baran, Veritania, Drox, AI-Hezmin and Sirus. Each game has its own background story. The theme explored in Conquerors is very good, but at the same time it lacks some clarity. Conquerors are also inferior to Elder and Shaper as foes.

We want these to appear in 3.13.0

* Ominousness that came with the eldritch feel of the Sharper and Elder

* more story into regular mapping with an element of unpredictability

* Omissions and vulnerabilities in the Conquerors of Atlas storyline can be fixed

Before 3.13.0 released, everything is just our guess. But now you should be obsessed with the Heist Flashback event, and because this event will last until January 4th, which makes the waiting process less boring. If you need POE Currency in the process, you can come to PoeCurrency.com anytime. 

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