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What surprises does Path of Exile Sentinel expansion bring?

Path of Exile recently announced the upcoming Sentinel expansion, which promises to bring a ton of new content to the game. Fans of Path of Exile can look forward to a new game system, quality of life changes, and a new challenge league.

Path of Exile’s 3.18 expansion, Sentinel, will bring the most comprehensive update yet. The Sentinel of the same name, is an ancient construct that follows the player and enhances their enemies. With increased risk comes increased reward, meaning players will want to seek increasingly difficult Sentinels for the best rewards. Sentinel Leagues can be played in Standard, Hardcore, and Solo Self-Discovery modes.

The Bloodlines and Nemesis systems have been removed from the game, and their modifiers have been incorporated into the revamped monster modifier system. Sentinel has added more than a dozen new Atlas Ski Stone passive skills. In Endgame, an Uber variant of the Pinnacle Boss fight has been added, with extreme difficulty that can only be solved by extremely powerful characters.

Path of Exile Sentinels will be released on PC/Mac on May 13 and on Playstation and Xbox on May 18. As always, with the release of the new Challenge League, Path of Exile players are busy crafting strong character builds. And character build is inseparable from enough Path of Exile Currency Items. Players can come to POECurrency if they need to buy POE Currency, and you will also enjoy wonderful services and game information.

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