Only One Day! Blight Is Coming!
Only One Day! Blight Is Coming!

This is the last news we shared for you on PoeCurrency before POE 3.8.0 Blight is being released, there is only one day left for Blight, we can not wait to jump into the game mode. Although GGG always leaked part of detailed messages of Blight, nothing is more worthy of expecting than trying it out for yourself.

I knew clearly very well that each of you is here for the first time with the update, which is very different from the Legion league challenges you have been working in the past three months.

Even if you already know the whole gameplay, I have to repeat it again. In the world of Wraeclast, the Fungal Growths are protected by monsters, which poses a deadly threat to creatures on the land. You'd better build defensive towers to hold off the monsters and weaken their power before the monsters coming, thereby destroying these Growths.

In Blight, it contains different types of towers, you can choose, place and upgrade these towers carefully to take advantage of both the terrain and the weakness of the infected monsters. And less time left to fight with the monsters face to face, but do not forget to keep an eye on the environment around you, because it is very likely that a monster will suddenly appear behind you.

POE is completely free game based on player-economy, and it will never be "pay to win". Conversely, GGG also provided players a lot of opportunities to make in-game "money" as rewards, I hope you will not miss them.

From the announcement, GGG has revealed that there will be some new gems and POE Items in Blight, it would be the best time to get them at the beginning of this expansion.

Trying to earn more POE Currency to exchange more advanced equipment and more rare items is almost something that every exile must have experienced. If you don't want to waste too much time on farming, it is still okay to buy ultra-cheap POE Currency from stores.

All in all, Blight is already close to us, more league challenges are ready to go. Have fun starting a fun adventure.

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