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POE Build Guide - How To Reset Passive Skill Tree

While playing POE, no matter which version, the exiles must keep the focus on the passive skill tree, because it determines the skills acquired by the characters in the game. This is a vast web of 1325 skills, which can be allocated each time leveling up or completing certain quests. For different character classes, they have the same tree, but start at different location that is aligned with their primary specialties. Simply put, everyone can control the skills of different classes by changing passive skill tree build.

Overall, there are over 1200 nodes to choose from in the passive skill tree, which can only be added by complete a large number of quests, so it would take a long time. But if someone makes a mistake at a node, it will likely affect the tree and change the character skills. Therefore, if there is an opportunity to reset the passive skill tree, guess that almost everyone will use it when they are not satisfied with the build.

This is a guide about resetting the passive tree, if you still think it is impossible in POE, read on.

As everyone knows, POE does not allow players to reset the passive skill tree unless the developer GGG completely changes the skill tree as the season update, but this is rare. Under this condition, the best way to reset the tree is to start over again until you are happy with the new build.

As for POE Build of passive skill tree, we can indeed provide some effective guide.

The passive skill tree of POE focus on 3 types of ability, strength, intelligence and dexterity, so while building, exiles should consider as these aspects.

2% melee physical damage and 5 maximum life per 10 strength2% maximum energy shield and 5 additional mana per 10 intelligence2% evasion and 20 additional accuracy per 10 dexterityFirst of all, you should determine the type of your build to assign which skills to the characters, and then complete the associated quests to get these keystones and other necessary valuable POE Items.

The second step is to get as much life and energy shield, especially the former for your own passive skill tree. When completing the quests or defeating the monsters, the most suitable increment is 200-250% energy shield and 180-200% life.

The last one is easy to fill out the rest of the points into offensive nodes, dual sockets or temporary resistance node. Anyway, access to as many nodes as possible to unlock more skills.

During this process, POE Currency is often used. With it, players can buy advanced equipment at will. When farming can't meet the demand, I usually go to a shop called PoeCurrency to search for supplies, because it is a shop that specializes in POE Items. I have bought from it several times, all are delivered successfully within 15 minutes, never been deceived.

I believe it is good enough to continue to help me, so I share it with all of you, hopefully, it can give you pleasant shopping experience.

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