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A Complete Guide For Crafting In Path Of Exile The Forbidden Sanctum

Nov 28, 2022

Path of Exile The Forbidden Sanctum is nearing release. With the gradual disclosure of the content of the new expansion, most players are actively planning the new expansion while waiting anxiously. This article is mainly a guide about crafting. This is something you will definitely experience when you start a new expansion, and I hope it can help you.

Even if it is a new expansion, I think the advancement of the content of Path of Exile The Forbidden Sanctum is still inseparable from the support of gear. If you are an old player of Path of Exile, you should know that the gear in this game can be found or crafted by yourself.

In the process of crafting it yourself, every non-unique item can be modified. Specifically, Magic items have a prefix and suffix mod. Rare items can have up to three mods. The bases of items like Rings and Amulets also have an implicit mod. Depending on how well you know how to craft them, these items can be better or worse.

Although, sometimes you may encounter some Unique items in the process of the game that are very powerful in themselves, but if you continue to spend time building them, they can become Rare items and are stronger than Unique items. Therefore, crafting the best possible gear is much more expensive and luck-dependent than finding gear. However, crafting gear also has advantages. Not only will it help you get acquainted with how crafting works, but it will also give you a better idea of what an item is good for and what to look for in the market.

In Path of Exile, some currencies also improve the quality of items. For example, it increases the base physical damage of weapons. It can increase the base defense value of Armours. It can increase the recovery volume of recovery Flasks. It increases the duration of Utility Flasks. It can also enhance Gems' skills in various ways.

Methods To Craft

Below is a list of common currencies used for crafting:

  • Orb of Transmutation

  • Orb of Alteration

  • Orb of Augmentation

  • Orb of Alchemy

  • Orb of Binding

  • Regal Orb

  • Orb of Chance

  • Chaos Orb

  • Exalted Orb

  • Orb of Annulment

  • Blessed Orb

  • Divine Orb

  • Blacksmith's Whetstone

  • Armourer's Scrap

  • Glassblower's Bauble

  • Gemcutter's Prism


In addition to using basic currency to make, you can also choose Extra Content to provide other production methods.

1. While essencing reroll item mods, you need to make sure the listed mods appear in it.

2. Use Fossils. They can help you find specific types of modifiers or prevent a type of modifier from being rolled.

3. Use some Beastcrafting recipes.

4. Some Immortal Syndicate members have crafting tables in their Safehouses that can modify items.

5. There are many Harvest recipes that allow you to reroll, add or swap various types of mods.

How To Craft Mods

If you come across an item you're not familiar with, you can first hold down "Alt" to view the item's details, including a list of affixes and what each affix provides.

If you want to roll some mods on an item, the first thing you want to look at is the level of the item itself. Specifically, the higher the item level, the greater the number of mods you can roll. This case does not include ordinary jewelry.

If you don't know the crafting recipe, you can find it in Acts and Maps, or just look for Jun. While the mods you make aren't the most powerful, they can be quite useful once you pick the mods you want along the way. As long as there is an open affix on an item, you can make a mod on that item. You need to be aware that you cannot craft mods from the same group onto an item, so check ahead of time if the stats of the mod you are adding are provided by a hybrid mod.

For more guides and news about Path of Exile The Forbidden Sanctum, follow this website. If you want to quickly level up, fight monsters, complete tasks, and get excellent equipment in the new expansion, you can also prepare some POE Currency in advance. Fortunately, you can buy POE Currency at a preferential price here. Have a look!


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