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A Complete Guide On Lightning Arrow Deadeye Build For POE 3.22

Sep 04, 2023

Greeting, Exiles! Today’s build is the most played one in the POE 3.22 Trial of the Ancestors league so far, the Vaal Lightning Arrow Deadeye with the Ranger class.

Even though Vengeant Cascade was nerfed, the introduction of the Returning Projectile support gem kept this build super fast and strong, which caused most of the players to choose it.

During last league, I released a Lightning Arrow guide that needed some expensive unique items and this time I’m going to make it different.

On this guide, you’ll find two versions of this build: a budget and a complete one. Each one has its own POB and Passive Tree, so you can start this build even on a low budget and upgrade it later.

A Complete Guide On Lightning Arrow Deadeye Build For POE 3.22


  • Yoke of Suffering Onyx Amulet
  • Loath Fletch Decimation Bow
  • Pain Guide Decimation Bow (if you have more POE Currency)
  • Maelstrom Spear Blazing Arrow Quiver
  • Hyrri’s Ire
  • Rune Curtain Zodiac Leather
  • Mind Salvation Silken Hood
  • Woe Ward Ursine Pelt
  • Wrath Fingers Slink Gloves
  • Agony Claw Wyrmscale Gauntlets
  • The Taming Prismatic Ring
  • Divine Life Flask
  • Diamond Flask
  • Cranite Flask
  • Quicksilver Flask
  • Jade Flask

Look for those mods on rare items:

  • Added Lightning Damage
  • Projectile Damage
  • Critical Multiplier
  • Elemental Resistances
  • Intelligence
  • Added Fire Damage
  • Added Cold Damage
  • Elemental Damage With Attacks
  • Life
  • Strength


  • Bow: Vaal Lightning Arrow, Inspiration, Elemental Damage With Attacks, Trinity, Returning Projectiles, Increased Critical Damage
  • Armour: Artillery Ballista, Inspiration, Elemental Focus, Focused Ballista, Elemental Damage With Attacks, Increased Critical Damage
  • Helmet: Vaal Molten Shell, Berserk, Sniper’s Mark, Mark On Hit
  • Gloves: Dash, Precision, Anger, Determination
  • Boots: Frenzy, Manaforged Arrows, Power Charge On Critical, Summon Ice Golem


  • Thread of Hope
  • Lioneye’s Fall
  • Watcher’s Eye

Skill Tree

This is the Budget Skill Tree.

POE 3.22 Lightning Arrow Deadeye Build Budget Skill TreeAnd this is the Complete Skill Tree.

POE 3.22 Lightning Arrow Deadeye Build Complete Skill Tree


This is the Ascendancy of this build.

POE 3.22 Lightning Arrow Deadeye Ascendancy


To list the pros of this build, I’m not sure if I would start with its clear speed or boss damage because both are amazing. This build is also not complicated to put together. I totally recommend you to try it out.


Now, to list the cons, I’d say that this build is not very tanky.

Even though you have some defensive layers, it’s important to take advantage of your ranged attacks and stay far from danger. If you don’t mind your position, you might die.


About the budget, you can get it destroying early endgame maps with only around 80 Chaos Orbs.

To comfortably advance to Yellow Maps, I recommend investing around 150 Chaos Orbs. And for easily completing your atlas, I recommend investing around 4 Divine Orbs. But if you go for the complete version, you need to invest at least 4 more Divine Orbs.

Don’t forget it on, you can find a list with all the equipment that you need to buy for this build with direct links for examples being sold by other players.

Mandatory Items

On the budget version, you only need one mandatory unique item for this build, the Yoke of Suffering amulet that causes other Elemental Damage to shock. This way, our enemies take a lot more damage.

On the complete version, on the other hand, besides the Yoke of Suffering, you also need a Lioneye’s Fall and the Thread of Hope unique jewels. They are expensive but grant a huge boost to your damage.

Clear Speed

For clear speed, I’ll give it 10 out of 10.

You fire many projectiles with high attack speed and those projectiles return to your pierce enemies, bounce of walls, and go everywhere. No one can survive that.

Boss Damage

The boss damage is also amazing and deserves 10 out of 10.

Using 2 Vaal Lightning Arrows splits your ballistas on bosses will kill them so fast that you won’t believe it.


For this survivability, I’ll give this build 8 out of 10.

Even though you have armor, evasion, spell suppression, and can kill enemies from a good distance, this build isn’t very tanky. If you don’t mind your position, you might die.


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