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Bane Occultist Build - A League Starter Recommended For POE 3.21

Mar 13, 2023

Here, we have a quick guide on the Bane Occultist in Path of Exile. 

About The Build

The Bane Occultist is a powerful and versatile build that combines two of the strongest chaos themed spells in the game. The build focuses on stacking as much Chaos Damage as possible while also maintaining high survivability throughout curses and block cap.

The primary scale used in this build is Bane, which caused the curse on all enemies in an area and deal Chaos Damage Over Time. Multiple curses gems and damage over time support gems support Bane to increase its effectiveness. Soulrend is used as a secondary skill to deal with high burst damage to single targets.

We can play the build in many combinations and is also a great league starter.


For the pros, you got high damage output. 

It got good AOE clear speed and is also good for Solo Self-Found or solo play. It’s very budget friendly to start with a lot of potential to improve for the endgame.


For some cons, it needs high investment for endgame bosses. So, you should prepare enough POE Currency in advance. It cannot do all map mods like region. It can feel slow if you compare to some other build. 


There’s no need for any unique item for this build. But I do have some to make it even better.

The first one being Skin of the Lords and this body armor provides plus two levels of socketed gems, boosting our main skill damage by a lot.

We also gain 100% increased global defense, affecting things like our energy shield and armor and we’re also getting a random keystone from this armor, as well.

POE Crown of the Inward Eye

Crown of the Inward Eye provides a lot of great defense, such as armor and the shield and increased life. But we also gained some offensive bonuses from the unique modifier Transfiguration of Soul, Body and Mind.

Transfiguration of Soul has increases and reductions to maximum energy shield, and it also applied to spell damage at the 30 of their value. Transfiguration of Body is the same, but for life to attack damage. And Transfiguration of Mind is for mana to all damage.

Rumi’s Concoction is a unique flask to provide a percentage to both attack and spell a block and this helps if you are having trouble to getting your block capped.

POE Rumi's Concoction

Useful Stats

For the stats for this build, try to get life, energy shield, Elemental Resistance for cap strength and dexterity is usually a big problem for this build, as well.

Increased Maximum Mana, Increased Damage Over Time, Increased Damage, Chaos Damage, Spell Damage, Area Damage and Chaos Damage Over Time Multiplier are all very useful.

Main Links

For the links, we’re using Bane with Despair, Temporal Chains, Void Manipulation, Punishment and Empower

We also got Soulrend with Controlled Destruction, Greater Multiple Projectils and also Cruelty


For auras, we’re using Malevolence, Tempest Shield, Determination, Vitality, Defiance Banner and Clarity.


POE Vaal Molten Shell

For utility, we have Vaal Molten Shell, Flame Dash, Withering Step and Wither

What do you think about the Bane Occultist build? Have you tried it out before maybe or try another version of it? 


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