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A Quick Guide On The Galvanic Field Elementalist In Path Of Exile 3.20

Mar 10, 2023

In this article, you will have a quick guide on the Galvanic Field Elementalist in Path of Exile.

About the Build

The Galvanic Field Elementalist is a perfect build that utilize the Galvanic Field, which creates a field of energy attached to a shocked enemy for a duration. And this will damage the target and other nearby enemies with beams of lightning.

To apply the shock, we use Arc as our secondary scale, which will ashame to other nearby enemies for a greater clear. The build focus on high damage output, fast clear speed and pretty great Survivability through a hybrid life and energy shield and also by having one of each of every Golem for both defense and offensive buffs.

We can play the build in many combinations and it’s also a great league starter in POE 3.21.

POE The Galvanic Field Elementalist


  • High damage output
  • Good AOE
  • Good SSF build
  • Budget friendly
  • Great league starter

For some pros, we can get some high damage output with good AOE clear speed and it’s very good for Solo Self-Found (SSF) or solo play.

It’s also very budget-friendly to start with this build with a lot of potential to improve for the endgame. If you don’t have a high budget and don’t want to spend time to farm POE Currency, then you might as well come here to get some. In this way, you can improve your build more conveniently.

As I mentioned, it’s also a great league starter.


  • Can feel slow without investment
  • Clunky playstyle

For the cons, you can feel a little slow if you compare it to other builds. It can also feel a little clunky to play, like having a double spell, of course, and also to self-curse.


There is no need for any unique for this build, but it does have some to make this build even better. The only one that we really want is going to be The Annihilating Light, which will boost the damage output by quite a bit and this staff makes us the deal triple damage with elemental skills.

POE The Annihilating Light

But at the same time a percentage of our limiters is will be reduced. This, however, is not a big deal for this build because we do have so much room for resistance on the rest of our gear.

Another one would be a Watcher’s Eye with the modifier damage penetrate representative of light resistance while affected by Wrath. You can also try to go for something, like Onslaught on kill while affected by Haste, as well.

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Useful Stats

  • Life
  • Elemental Resistance
  • Chaos Resistance
  • Dexterity
  • Increased Damage
  • Lightning Damage
  • Spell Damage
  • Added Lightning Damage for Spells
  • Increase Effect of Non Damaging Ailments

For the stats for this build, try to get as much Life and Energy Shield, Elemental Resistance, Chaos Resistance for the cap and also Dexterity is usually an enormous demand for this build.

You also want to get Increased Damage, Lightning Damage, Spell Damage, Added Lightning Damage for Spells and also Increase Effect of Non Damaging Ailments.


For the skill links, here we want to go for Galvanic Field with Elemental Focus, Inspiration, Added Lightning Damage, Lightning Penetration and Empower.

We also want to go for Arc with Lightning Penetration, Spell Echo, Added Lightning Damage, Arcane Surge and Inspiration.

For auras, we have Wrath, Determination, Haste and Clarity.

For utility skills, we’re using Val Molten Shell, Flame Dash, Conductivity, Flame Golem, Lightning Golem, Chaos Golem and Stone Golem.


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