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Fastest League Starter For POE 3.21! - King Of Maps!

Mar 08, 2023

For the upcoming POE 3.21 expansion, I will choose the Ethereal Knives Elementalist build as my first league starter.

Price Range

This build only costs five Divine Orbs and can farm almost all content. 

Also, on passive building, I created the middle version for 10 plus Divine Orbs investment and the expensive version for 100 plus Divine Orbs. 

So, with my build, you can play the whole league first. Let’s speak about what league starter is and why I choose this build as a league starter.

POE Ethereal Knives Elementalist build

Why This Build?

*The first reason is clear speed. To my mind, all league starters should run T16 maps really fast to make first 10 Divine Orbs in the first 5 days of league.

Also, when the league just started, price and trade are really insane and some items you can’t even purchase, so they need to farm something that doesn’t depend on trade, such as MapsExpeditionEssences and Harvest. This build can do all this content.

*The second is the price. When you created a new character, you have zero device, so it’s not smart to craft build that works only with enormous investment. My Ethereal Knives were series 5. Of course, it’s not tanky, but at the start of the league is not important.

*The third is this build is really fun. I just love how it looks like and you will enjoy in the same way.

Passive Tree

Now, let’s speak about passive tree, items and gems. 

POE Careful Planning Viridian Jewel

This is the passive tree for 96 level. It’s really easy to understand what we need with this build. We deal damage with Fire, Burning, Ignite, Overtime Damage, Cold and Physical before conversion. So, on the passive tree, we pick nodes that give us these types of damage.

Also, we take Life, Mana Reservation, Auras Effect and one necessary Unique Jewell (Careful Planning Viridian Jewel) that transforms Intelligence and Radius into Dexterity because we need it for gems.


So, now let’s talk about items for five Divine setup. As a weapon, we use Obliteration Demon’s Horn wand because it’s one Chaos Orb wand, which gives us nice damage. As a shield (Rapture Aegis Bronze Tower Shield), you can purchase an item with 30% reservation for socketed gems, also, life and resistance.

*For your helmet, choose something (Blood Visage Vaal Mask) with chance to suppress Spell Damage, Life and Resistance and I don’t recommend to get Eldritch mods on a cheap helmet just when you have enough Eldritch currencies. You can swap your cheap helmet to Blizzard Crown when you are ready.

*For your amulet, you can choose Gloomfang, which carries my anointment because it’s cheap and has nice damage. As for body armor, you can purchase Skin of the Lords because DPS 6-Link. you can get with this defense and plus two levels of socketed gems and you can equip only Corrupted Gems on it.

POE Pyre Sapphire Ring

*The first ring I recommend is Pyre Sapphire Ring. It converts Cold to Fire and also gives us increased burning damage and enemy secures are destroyed. 

For your second ring, you can choose something (Horror Knuckle Two-Stone Ring) with Life and many resistances.

*For gloves, I recommend you to purchase the glove (Spirit Knuckle Shagreen Gloves) with Suppress Spell Damage Chance, Life, Resistance and maybe you can also use Attributes and Eldritch Currency to get Inflict Fire Exposure and Fire Damage over Time Multiplier.

*For your belt, what I recommend is Morbid Thread Stygian Vise with Life, Attributes, Resistance and as for Grim Leer Hypnotic Eye Jewel, you can purchase something with Life and Resistance, too.

*For your boots (Spirit League Stealth Boots), you can get the boots with Suppress Spell Damage Chance, Life, Resistance and Onslaught Effect. Also, your boots should be with about Eldritch mods because they can ignite Inflict Deal Damage faster and 5% increased Action Speed.


Now, you can buy these bottles. They are Substantial Divine Life Flask Of StaunchingAtziri’s Promise Amethyst FlaskTransgressor’s Quicksilver Flask Of InflictionFlagellant’s Granite Flask Of The Albatross and Masochist’s Quartz Flask Of The Armadillo. All these items are easy to purchase and trade and now we’re going to explain how to craft helmet and scepter for upgrading this build. Let’s start with in-game scepter crafting.

Sceptre Craft

First, you need to purchase Void Sceptre 83 level or higher, then use orbs of alteration until you get plus one to Level of All Spell Skill Gems.

POE Void Sceptre

After you need to use Regal Orb, and if you have got a prefix, it’s nice. But if you got suffix, just go to the beast crafting and do “Suffix to Prefix”. So, when you have two prefixes, an array or item, you need to do multicraft, prefix cannot be changed, and cannot roll attack modifiers. 

Harvest Craft

Now, let’s go to the Harvest craft with “Add/Remove Physical” and you have guaranteed plus one to Level of All Physical Spell Skill Gems and if your “Prefixes Cannot Be Changed” mode remains, you can use Veiled Chaos Orb to get something nice.

But if this mod is gone, just use Crafting Bench, and we are done. We have plus two physical spell skill gems scepter.

Helmet Craft

Now is helmet crafting. First you need to purchase Blizzard Crown with the Ethereal Knives in the circle Enchantment without influence or only with Redeemer.

If you have no influence on your item, you can purchase Redeemer’s Exalted Orb.

Make your helmet influenced and go harvest crafting Reforge Fire. We need to get T1 increased Burning Damage and Ignite, then purchase another helmet with enemies have minus fire resistance, also one Awakener’s Orb.

Now, we’re going to combine these two modifiers with Awakener’s Orb. It takes one modifier from the first item and combines with the modifier on the second item and reforge.

First item destroys and we get two cool mods on the Blizzard Crown with Enchantment. Now, we still have one open prefix, so go to the bench crafting table and craft maximum life.


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