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Best Righteous Fire Juggernaut Build In POE 3.21! - Beginner Friendly

Apr 27, 2023

Righteous Fire is one of Path of Exile’s most iconic scales. It is something that a lot of people have tried and failed at making, either because the build they were following was overly complicated or they simply could not understand how Righteous Fire works. 

In this guide, I will help you at making a fully functional Righteous Fire build, which is as tanky and as fast as expensive variants, including those with Mageblood all that by only using unique items and no Cluster Jewels. 


The first things you need to know is that we are sustaining a lot of fire damage in this build. Hence, we decided to go with the Juggernaut Ascendancy. This one offers a lot of tankiness and regeneration at the cost of damage.

First, we begin with Untiring. This node increases our life regeneration rate by 40%. It also provides us with some flat life regeneration equal to the physical damage we have mitigated in the past 10 seconds. 

From here, we take Unflinching, this node grants you Endurance Charges when you are hit. Endurance Charges grants you a physical damage mitigation. This node also increases your maximum Endurance Charge count by one.

Best Righteous Fire Juggernaut Build In POE 3.21!

Next, we got Unrelenting. This node further increases the defensive bonuses we get from other Endurance Charges. With it, we gain additional physical mitigation and elemental damage reduction at Maximum Endurance Charges.

Last but not least, we got Unyielding. This node increases both our damage and area effect for each endurance charge we have. You pretty much want both when playing a skill like Righteous Fire

Passive Tree

Now, let’s take a look at our passive tree.

Our tree focuses on life, life regeneration, elemental damage, fire damage, fire damage over time, and increased Elemental Resistances and Maximum Elemental Resistances.

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Next, let’s talk about items.

Our primary item for this build is our weapon. We got a well-rolled Grey Spire unique staff. The swapping grants have 300% increased global damage and 4% increased all Maximum Resistances. All of that is at the cost of not having any sockets. Usually, you don’t use this staff as its damage and defensive bonuses are not that great for themselves. However, that changes when you need both, as it becomes a Western slot option. It’s ultimately better than using Saffell’s Frame and Doryani’s Catalyst as long as you’re willing to give up your sockets.

Next, we got Carcass Jack, preferably with any useful jump corruption like plus one. This chest is one of my favorite unique items in the game. It provides 50% increased area effect and area damage that alongside life and all resistances. It is something that rivals Mirror to your chest when it comes to AOE skills like Righteous Fire. 

Next, we got Crown of the Inward Eye with 2% life regeneration corruption. You want to enchant this helm with either Purity of Fire Reservation, Malevolence Reservation or a Summon Skitterbots Reservation. You can enchant corrupted items with Tainted Blessing. Doing that will allow you to save a lot of POE Currency by not having to use level 4 Enlighten in your main aura setup, which we are going to talk about later.

Our next optional item is Annihilation’s Approach boot. This item grants experiment Adrenaline buff, which is 25% increased speed and 100% increased damage all the time. Its downside is 10,000 self-inflicted fire damage every second, which greatly reduces its cost, making it very affordable to get at the start of a league. 

POE Annihilation's Approach

Now, it’s no big secret that having to sustain that much fire damage alongside Righteous Fire is really hard. Hence, we decide to use Replica Atziri’s Foible, an amulet with amazing life stats. It’s a lot of life regeneration, which is exactly what we need in a build like this one. Don’t forget to anoint Breath of Flames on your amulet for that much needed damage boost.

Now, for our rings, we are using a pair of two well-rolled Le Heup of Alls, preferably with all Elemental Resistances Corruption. We are mostly using them for the resistances, although the damage and attributes they provide are more than welcome. You can start using this ring from as early as level 24. 

Our next item is Immortal Flesh belt. This is a great belt for any build that needs life regeneration. It comes with the equivalent of Tier 1 life roll as well, although it should be noted that a rare belt can easily beat this in both defense and damage. So, consider upgrading once you have Divine Orbs or Chaos Orbs.

Last but not least, we got a pair of rare gloves (Torment Claw Mesh Gloves) and I have said that this build only uses unique items at the start. However, all unique gloves in this game are not useful for our builds. Hence, I decided to leave this slot open for any rare gloves that you want to use to fix your resistance sets or get something like the increased life or increased life regeneration rate, which are all useful for our builds. However, whatever gloves you are using must have plastered level of socketed AOE gems, either as a mod or a corruption, because it’s mandatory to get level 23 Purity of Fire gem.


Now, let’s talk about gems.

POE Righteous Fire

For our main 6-Link, we have Righteous Fire, Awakened Burning Damage Support, Awakened Elemental Focus, Awakened Increased Area Of Effect, Efficacy and level 4 Empower. At this stage, I usually tell people to feel afraid to use non-awakened version of gems I have used. However, not this time, as we really need that much needed damage boost from Awakened Support gems.

Next, we got a secondary 4-Link damage setup. This one contains Flame Wall, Awakened Control Destruction, Awakened Burning Damage, and Awakened Elemental Focus.

Next, we got our primary Aura setup. It starts with Malevolence, Summon Skitterbots, level 21 Purity of Fire and level 3 Enlighten. Remember that not having the Helmet Enchants will force you to use a level 4 Enlighten instead.

Our last gem setup is yet another 4-Link, and it contains the following gems: Vitality, Phase Run, Anomalous Flammability and Increased Duration.


Finally, let’s talk about jewels.

For our Watcher’s Eye, we got plus 22% of damage over time multiplier while affected by Malevolence. Bonus points if you can get that alongside 15% increased life recovery rate while affected by Vitality. 

POE Unnatural Instinct

Next, we got one Unnatural Instinct unique jewel. Place it in this specific socket to benefit from all the nearby increased area of effect and life regeneration nodes. 

The remainder of your sockets should be filled with as many Grand Spectrum Jewels, each providing increased Elemental Damage per Grand Spectrum. These provide a great way to increase our damage for cheap. Ideally, though, you want to replace them with rare jewels that provide similar damage but with a life roll on top of that. 


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