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Which Build Can Champion Choose for Crucible League in POE 3.21?

Apr 13, 2023

The Champion in Path of Exile is widely recognized for its exceptional durability and dependability.

Thanks to its remarkable resilience, it's highly sought after by teams competing in Crucible League. Although other classes like the Elementalist can deal more damage, the build we're discussing today is specifically designed for the Champion, taking full advantage of its tankiness.

This tanky class possesses exceptional survivability and is highly effective in Grinding Gear Games' action RPG. While there are other classes that can utilize this build, this particular class provides a highly satisfying gameplay experience.

For the Crucible League in Path of Exile, we have chosen to adopt the Explosive Arrow Champion build.

While it is true that getting started with a new character for the Explosive Arrow build in Path of Exile can be slightly challenging due to the requirement of the corrupt-only Rain of Splinters gem with many POE Currency, there are ways to obtain it through trading with other players.

POE Crucible League

Once you have the necessary gear, this build can be incredibly impactful and effective in the game. So if you're willing to put in the effort to acquire the gem, this build can be a great investment for your character in POE 3.21.

Achieve victory by utilizing the Explosive Arrow

There are numerous builds to experiment with regardless of whether you choose to play as a Gladiator or Elementalist.

While Explosive Arrow works well with many classes, it's particularly effective with Champion. By deploying ballistas and moving quickly around the map, you can eliminate your enemies effortlessly.

Maximizing damage multipliers is crucial when using Explosive Arrows to ensure that you hit as many targets as possible. In POE 3.21, it's rewarding and enjoyable to witness the carnage that unfolds with each shot.

Explosive Arrow is viable with several character classes due to its impressive damage scaling. However, for Path of Exile Crucible League, it may be advantageous to prioritize defense by using the Champion class.

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Keep in mind that this build has a slow start, but it can become powerful once you stack defense.

Explosive Arrow is only available starting at level 28 in Path of Exile, so until that point, you'll have to rely on other skills like Shattering Steel or Splitting Steel for damage.

It's a good idea to aim for obtaining the Quill Rain Bow when you reach level 28 to maximize your effectiveness with Explosive Arrow.

To utilize Elemental Equilibrium to the fullest, it's recommended to have at least one modifier on your gear that adds Lightning or Cold damage, while avoiding any gear that adds"Fire Damage to Attacks".

POE Crucible League

Don't worry if you don't have the Rain of Splinters gem because it's not necessary for this build. However, if you feel weak without it, consider using a Greater Multiple Projectiles gem. And for bosses, you can swap it with either a Hypothermia or Deadly Ailments gem.

Playing this Crucible League build is surprisingly satisfying, although it can be a nuisance to clear an area and then have to backtrack to collect loot. To avoid this, try dropping ballistas and using them to defeat enemies while simultaneously setting up damage in other areas.

Although there are many viable class builds to choose from, this particular Champion loadout for Path of Exile's current league is arguably the most satisfying to play.


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