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Detailed Tips For POE Beginners

Nov 30, 2021

December is coming soon. Regarding POE December events, we have also updated the related article, you can click here to view it.

Because POE players are currently busy with their game content, everyone’s progress is different, so can only provide introductions to new mechanics at the beginning of a new league, so that players can jump into the game faster, but now there may be new players joining the game one after another. The novice guide we have introduced before, but is very broad, so today we will select some specific problems encountered by novices in Path of Exile, and give the corresponding solutions.

* If you’ve passed through a purple hand: kill monsters in the expanding circle.

* If you encounter a Floating Blue Guy: kill his blue monsters.

* If you encounter some shiny monsters: damage them to the point of death and let the hobo capture them.

* If you feel the Earth is cracking: follow the crack until it stops whiling killing monsters.

* Sulphite: gather them and go kill monsters in a cave from time to time

* Vodoo totem: kill monsters in a limited area.

* Monolith: wake up monsters, kill those monsters.

* There is a fort in the middle of a desert: kill the door, proceed to kill those insides.

* If everything got foggy: kill the monsters in the fog

* If you placed some bombs: follow the explosion until it stops while killing monsters.

As for more problems, we will continue to pay attention to the players' discussions, and share them on our website in time with solutions. If you are a POE player, it is worth paying attention to, and if necessary, you can also come here to buy POE Currency to gain an advantage, so that the game will proceed more smoothly.


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