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Get Ready For POE December Events!

With less than two months to go until the end of 2021, Path Of Exile will end 2021 with a series of exciting events in December. They will continue to share more information, and will always pay attention to relevant news. The GGG has 6 events planned, starting in December and continuing until the first week of January. As players wait for the full announcement, they will confirm that the event date, duration, and Endless Delve are making a comeback. And Path of Exile: Royale will introduce Brutus, which is also the first version of Royale that appeared in the recent Twitch Rivals tournament. And Youtuber Zizaran will also host another Gauntlet event, which will be supported by GGG in the schedule and bonus.

Below is the schedule for December, these events all start at noon Pacific time:

* December 3 - Endless Delve (10 Days)

* December 8 - Royale + Brutus (1 day)

* December 10 - Zizaran's Gauntlet (10 days)

* December 17 - TBA: New Event Type (10 Days)

* December 22 - Royale + Brutus (1 day)

* December 24 - TBA: New Event Type (10 Days)

* December 29 - Royale + Brutus (1 day)

* December 31 - TBA: New Event Type (10 Days)

In the 10-day event, every player who ranks high in Ascendancy Class will be able to obtain Demigod’s Authority. Players participating in the game will also receive mystery boxes and randomly drawn micro-transaction rewards. And there will be a Twitch Drop on the first day of each event.

Fans should be curious about the TBA events afterward. These events should not have been run by GGG before, excluding Turmoil, Mayhem, or Flashback events, so player feedback will be important.

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