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More Details About POE Scourge Lore

In Scourge, The Last to Die was introduced, a new NPC from an alternate Wraeclast surrounded by greedy demons. Many players are interested in the lore of this league, so also learned some of the designer's ideas and selected important content to show.

Their plan for The Last to Die NPC is to give her a limited line and retire soon after handing off the Blood Crucible. If she was anything akin to the complexity as the Expedition League three months ago, then she would be impossible to complete her script.

The development team decided to adopt some new methods. The vast majority of the lore of this league is only inferred or implied, rather than directly stated. The Expedition has a detailed historical sage to follow, while Scourge league was made in conjunction with details mentioned in the core game and previous leagues. Before the release of the Scourge League, many players were already talking and speculating about the upcoming lore, which is also very interesting.

Because The Last to Die received too much trauma and frustration, she couldn't describe in detail what she’s seen. So players can only guess by themselves. She did explain that Blood Crucible runs through a pact with Chaos, and this is the second time the player has encountered someone who works with them. If you still remember the Ultimate League, Trialmaster describes Chaos as an entity that is aware of different possibilities at the same time.

The Last to Die pointed out that she has been to other Wraeclast, and we can reasonably infer other possible versions of the continent. Her pact with Chaos must allow her to Shift between them this is what you need to do when Blood Crucible is activated.

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