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Details On Kirac's Vault Pass In POE The Forbidden Sanctum

Dec 13, 2022

Just today, GGG released the POE 3.20 expansion, The Forbidden Sanctum's Kirac's Vault Pass, which includes unique item skin rewards that interact with gameplay and are exclusive to the Sanctum Alliance! Next, let's take a closer look at what is unique about this new Pass.

Kirac's Vault Pass Overview

When you earn the Kirac's Vault Pass, it means you have unlocked access to the Kirac's Vault. Since all the rewards come from the Atlas endgame, there are 9 unique item skins available if you complete all the Atlas objectives. Specifically, when you explore Atlas, you need to complete 115 map bonus objectives. When you achieve a certain number of objectives, you can unlock the corresponding items as rewards. It must be said that if you want to get the first reward, you first need to defeat Kitava, and then you can get it when you go to the Karui Shores.

Kiracs Vault Pass

Let me first remind you that these 9 unique item skins are for cosmetic purposes only and do not provide any gameplay advantage. However, if you own them, the end-game items you own can have a more cool appearance. At the same time, they visually interact with your game in new ways. For example, the Blood Priest Hateforge will summon Atziri's phantom when you use the currently popular Vaal skill. If you have more energy shields at this point, Soul Cage Shavronne's Wrappings will shine even more.

All Unique Item Skins And How To Get Them

1. Demonic Gull: The Demonic Gull replaces summoned lesser shrines with unholy abominations.

How To Get: You need to get to the Karui Shores.

2. Soul Cage Shavronne's Wrappings: Soul Cage Shavronne's Wrappings shines more brightly the more energy shield you have.

How To Get: You need to complete 15 Map Bonus Objectives.

3. Impenetrable Olroth's Resolve:Impenetrable Olroth's Resolve locks down your ward UI when activated and conjures a ring of Kalguuran shields around your character.

How To Get: You need to complete 30 Map Bonus Objectives.

4. Stormweaver Nebulis: Stormweaver Nebulis gains power the more cold and lightning damage you deal.

How To Get: You need to complete 45 Map Bonus Objectives.

5. High Roller Ventor's Gamble: High Roller Ventor's Gamble lets you celebrate your luck whenever you find a unique item, and blame the dice when you die.

How To Get: You need to complete 60 Map Bonus Objectives.

6. Cocooning Melding of the Flesh: The Cocooning Melding of the Flesh envelopes your character in a protective bubble when you take elemental damage.

How To Get: You need to complete 75 Map Bonus Objectives.

7. Blood Priest Hateforge: Blood Priest Hateforge summons an apparition of Atziri whenever you use a Vaal skill.

How To Get: You need to complete 90 Map Bonus Objectives.

8. Primordial Starforge: Primordial Starforge thrums with celestial energy, and transfers that energy to enemies you shock.

How To Get: You need to complete 105 Map Bonus Objectives.

9. Primordial Voidforge: Primordial Voidforge thrums with void energy, and transfers that energy to enemies you shock.

How To Get: You need to complete 115 Map Bonus Objectives.

If you want to complete the Altas endgame faster, it is a good choice to prepare some POE 3.20 Currency in advance to get some excellent equipment and weapons.


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