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How to Choose Your Favourite Build at League Start in POE 3.20: Theory and Recommendations

Dec 13, 2022

Should I go corrupting fever gladiator? or maybe it's time to try out Explosive Arrow Ballista Elementalist? What about Lightning Strike? I don't know about you, but I'm sure lots of people having a really hard time choosing what build a league start this time. Of course this is nothing new at this point, it's practically tradition to try between different builds before the new league actually starts. I can't be the only one that make the build guides, you're probably flooded with guides of the absolute best league starters builds for POE 3.20, so let's just dissect what makes a good League starter for you.

First off, what qualifies as a good League starter is incredibly subjective, we've each had our own experiences with different builds, and we will naturally compare other builds. Some people even only play one build for many years and won't settle for anything less than being an Uber boss killer on day one of the league. On the other hand, some one just started playing the game last league, and it is really hoping you can make it to maps clearing this time around a good build with less POE Currency costing.

Three Main Build Genre
But if you're playing in hardcore or ruthless or solo self, then it goes without saying that you'll absolutely need to factor builds aspect into your choice of League starter. So I like to separate builds into three main categories. First up, Fast Mappers, these are builds designed with running through maps fast and efficiently, think about auto bombers cast on crit builds. So on the goal for these guys is to blast through as many screens of the monsters per second as possible, while still doing enough damage to kill map bosses without too much trouble.

Secondly we've got Bossers, Bossers are builds meant for killing end game bosses with ease oftentimes, these are either totems traps, or mines, or minion builds, since they have a big uptime advantage on their DPS compared to other types of builds, allowing them to just run around dodging everything coming at them. While these builds can still complete Maps, they would rather be spending their time in actual end game Boss Fights once they have all.

The last big category is All Rounders, these are builds that don't specialize in either fast mapping or easy bossing, but are competent enough in both, they're in the middle and are generally safe builds to play if your goal is to just get through maps and do some endgame bossing, like spark and toxic rain builds.

Keep in mind that builds in this category could usually be pushed in either direction if you really wanted to with enough Currency Orbs investment, so those are the three main types of bills that I think of.

Other Build Genre
However these categories only really encompass good or meta builds, what about your funky Glacial Hammer builds or Firestorm? These types of builds I would put under the For Fun category, just as important as any of the other types of builds, Fou Fun builds are oftentimes interesting and not necessarily good builds, don't get me wrong, they could come up to a totally crazy build as well, and I wouldn't be all that surprised. But generally when playing one of these builds, the expectation is that you'll eventually hit a wall in progression where you either need to farm up a bunch of currency for better gear to push past it, or just decide to play something else. If you're okay with that, and just want to explore new builds that look fun to you, this is the way to go finally.

The last category that comes to my mind I've simply dubbed Other, these are good builds that are hyper focused on accomplishing a specific thing that isn't mapping or Bossing, like specific builds for currency farming or something else. Reddit and Poe ninja are all helpful places to find build ideas, just find something that looks fun to you.

So here are two good Mapper I would like to recommend that can be used widely in POE 3.20 Expansion.

Build Recommendation
Mapper One:
Corrupting Fever Champion is a top League start Mapper created with a focus on speed, explosions and survivability. For the skills, we can use Corrupting Fever, Kinetic Blast,Utility and Auras, Reap, Vulnerability. As the main skill, Sacrifice the blood in your veins to activate Corrupting Fever, causing hits against enemies to apply a stacking Corrupting Blood debuff causing Physical Damage over Time.

20221How to Choose Your Favourite Build at League Start in POE 3.20: Theory and Recommendations

Meanwhile Utility and Auras is our primary movement ability providing quick progress through maps. To escape in the blink of an eye, use Frostblink to instantly teleport away evading large telegraphed attacks or quick reactive abilities. Unleash your anger and become frenzied with Blood Rage giving you Frenzy Charges on kill and additional attack speed. Thus Champion is the best choice as it offers the best defences in the game and gives you very powerful damage through Adrenaline and Aura effect.

When playing as the Corrupting Fever Champion you aim and click your Kinetic Blast into large monster packs applying the Corrupted Blood debuff and applying a separate bleed which triggers your Haemophilia on kill explosions. Every 20 seconds reactivate Corrupting Fever to take your Life down below 50%, triggering First to Strike, Last to Fall giving Adrenaline.

When mapping as the Corrupting Fever Champion apply your Corrupted Blood to enemies with Kinetic Blast and then quickly Shield Charge to the next pack of monsters. For stronger enemies use Reap to quickly dispatch them.

Skill Gems
Gems are a fundamental part of your build, and getting the correct link setups and levels before entering Maps is your main goal. This is how your Gems look throughout the endgame stage of progression.

*Corrupting Fever - Awakend Brutality Support - Awakend Swift Affliction Support - Efficacy Support - Empower Support - Reap

*Anomalous Kinetic Blast - Maim Support - Greater Multiple Projectiles Support - Lifetap Support

*Flam Dash - Lifetap Support - Storm Brand - Culling Strike Support

*Handed Ranged: Malevolence, Tempest Shiled, Enduring cry

*Shiled: Shiled charge - Faster Attacks Supports - War Banner

*Cast When Damage Taken Support - Molten Shell, Pride - Vitality

At this point in the build your gearing should be starting to finalize. Purchase from another Player or grind from Syndicate missions a T4 Vorichi in the research branch to switch a random number of sockets into White. This allows you to easily swap your Kinetic Blast setup to a Frenzy and Maim Support setup which allows you to obtain Frenzy Charges on bosses while also causing them to take 10% increased Physical Damage from being Maimed.

The next big upgrade is to purchase an Empower Support at Level 4 to put in your 6-Link and a Anomalous Kinetic Blast giving you an additional 2 Pierce. Your Auras change to include a Vitality and Tempest Shield at the cost of your Herald of Purity. This is because you obtain such a valuable amount of Life recovery and Spell Block, and your gear is good enough to give a bit of damage up for that.

Skill Tree

202212How to Choose Your Favourite Build at League Start in POE 3.20: Theory and Recommendationsng

Mapper Two:

Poison Blade Vortex Occultist offers one of the smoothest mapping experiences of any league starter build thanks to Profane Bloom explosion chains and Plague Bearer. Combining these skills allows fast map clearing with a low investment, however it can be min maxed to be fantastic for late endgame as well.

The Occultist is the best choice for Poison Blade Vortex as it provides explosions for great clear, and an additional curse. It also gives an easy way to cap your Chaos Resistance whilst reducing enemies resistances and additional free applications of Wither stacks for even more damage.

2022121310030926How to Choose Your Favourite Build at League Start in POE 3.20: Theory and Recommendationsng

*Profane Bloom causes your curses to have a chance to consume the corpse of your enemies, triggering an explosions dealing a quarter of their Maximum Life to nearby enemies.

*Void Beacon gives nearby enemies -20% to Chaos Resistance and prevents them from regenerating Life.

*Withering Presence applies a Wither stack to nearby enemies for every second you are near them, gives you +60% to Chaos Resistance, and makes you deal 15% more Chaos Damage.

*Malediction allows you to inflict an additional Curse on enemies.

Activate your Blade Vortex and repeat casting until you've reached 10 blades. Charge through packs until you're at Maximum Plague Value. Activate your Plague Bearer and Shield Charge through packs of monsters, letting your Profane Bloom explode packs whilst maintaining 10 Blade Vortex stacks.

Save your Plague Bearer to use on the Map Boss if you know you are nearing it. Apply your Curses and activate Plague Bearer to inflict additional damage. If you have the Vaal version of Blade Vortex; Vaal Blade Vortex this is the best time to use it to best make use of the additional poisons it can inflict.

Skill Gems
Gems are an fundamental part of your build, getting the correct link setups before entering Maps and leveling those Gems as you progress through the Atlas is one of your main goals.








Skill Tree:

202212How to Choose Your Favourite Build at League Start in POE 3.20: Theory and Recommendationsng


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