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Everything We Know About Path Of Exile 2 So Far - 11 Points

Aug 03, 2023

I got a bit lost in all the information on Path of Exile 2, so here’s a quick wrap up of what to expect from the game following ExileCon 2023.

1. Two Games Instead Of One

The biggest news might be that POE 2 won’t be an expansion of POE 1.

Instead, it will be a fully fledged standalone game with a brand new campaign, skill mechanics classes, and a plethora of new monsters to face. 

Everything We Know About Path Of Exile 2 So Far - 11 Points

2. Going In A New Direction 

Path of Exile 2 takes place approximately 25 years after the events of the first game. While we are missing many story details so far, we know that it’s set in a fresh direction, possibly leaning more towards the style of Diablo 4. 

However, the game world is still divided into zones, each coming with its own unique boss. And there are still no in-game cutscenes. But there shall be significantly more animated and scripted events in the game world.

3. Higher Focus On Boss Fights 

Do you like boss battles?

In the new campaign, you will fight over 100 unique bosses with challenging mechanics. Some of them will be optional. But defeating them will reward you with permanent bonuses for your character.

GGG promises a more engaging experience than in the prequel. So, expect to face some real challenges.

4. Mana Reservation Gone  

Speaking of permanent bonuses in Path of Exile 2, reservation will no longer affect your Mana pool.

Instead, it will require Spirit, which can be obtained by the Skill Tree items and by killing bosses in the campaign.

5. Loot And Crafting Changes  

Path of Exile 2 will also bring some changes to the loot system. 

In POE 1, killing enemies will drop a certain amount of POE Currency. However, in POE 2, enemies will now drop Gold, reducing the reliance on trading orbs for a better gear. 

Additionally, Chaos Orbs will no longer reroll all mods on rare POE Items but only one. 

6. New Classes & Skill Combos 

The new game will also introduce 6 new classes, each with their own free unique ascendancy classes.

There will also be a fundamental change in the way you use skills. While in POE 1 you usually only have one or two main skills, there will be a lot more synergy in POE 2 between different skills, encouraging us players to experiment with effective combos.

7. Much More Fluid Combat  

Combat in POE 2 will be slower but more dynamic than in POE 1 with almost every midi skill having a built-in movement ability. 

In addition to that, there will also be a new weapon swap system that allows players to assign skills to weapon sets, allowing for a flexible and tactical gameplay. You will be able to play lightning and firebase, which, for example, without sacrificing efficiency.

8. Game Modes (Ruthless?) 

POE 2 offers various game modes like POE1, including the Standard mode, a Hardcore variant, and Solo Self-Found.

The Ruthless mode known for its difficulty on the other hand is currently omitted. 

9. The Quality Of Life 

Newcomers will appreciate a handy feature where you can summon an NPC to provide information about quest objectives, saving you from backtracking and keeping the game flow smooth.

It won’t be possible, though, to skip the campaign with the second character. So, you’ll have to play through it over and over again, like you did in POE 1. And I hope this doesn’t get too repetitive over time.

10. Both POEs Go Hand In Hand 

GGG is putting a substantial effort into POE 2 with about 100 employees working on the new game and compare that to only 20 employees working on POE 1.

Both games show the same core engine, allowing for easier migration of lead mechanics.

GGG also has put a lot of emphasis on the fact that you can use your microtransactions in both POE 1 and POE 2

11. Beta Release - When? 

While the closed beta won’t be available until June 24, Chris assured that Path of Exile 1 will continue receiving content updates every three months.

So, we’re stuck with POE 1 for another year. But I think it’s worth the wait if GGG manages to really publish POE 2’s gameplay in the meantime.


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