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How To Prepare For POE 3.22 Shifting Stones Event?

Nov 16, 2023

Here, we will talk about the final content of this November POE 3.22 event series, Shifting Stones. This event will be held on November 17th.

How To Prepare For POE 3.22 Shifting Stones Event?


In the Shifting Stones event, you will encounter one of the following league mechanics randomly, which are Tormented Spirits, Blight, Legion, Delirium, and Beyond.

The difference here is that they will be enchanted by the following keystones:

  • Speaker of the Dead 
  • Cassia’s Pride 
  • Timeless Conflict 
  • Unending Nightmare 
  • Endless Tide 

Tormented Spirits & Speaker Of The Dead

Let’s start by focusing on Tormented Spirits and the Speaker Of The Dead.

Due to the keystone passive ability, it now exclusively enters the player instead of monsters. This change will significantly accelerate the leveling speed compared to the usual pace. 

Keep in mind to avoid prematurely eliminating the spirit so that they have the opportunity to enter your character.

Blight & Cassia’s Pride

Next up is Blight and Cassia’s Pride Keystone.

Blights are tower defense-like encounters that can spawn from Fungal Growth in any map area.

In this context, it’s crucial to note that the tower’s damage output will be amplified by 300% whereas both you and your accompanying minions will experience a 75% reduction in damage.

Legion & Timeless Conflict

The Timeless Conflict Keystone extends the time available to defeat monsters in the Legion, surpassing the usual 10 to 15 seconds limit.

Instead, freeing monsters and chests from Stasis will contribute to the advancement of a Schism indicated by a progress bar. 

Once the bar is fully filled, the Schism activates, initiating the Legion encounter. After defeating them, you may pick up a large number of POE Items.

The degree of progress towards the Schism is influenced by releasing monsters and chests with better rewards or encountering more formidable foes.

Delirium & Unending Nightmare

Next, we have the Delirium and the Unending Nightmare Keystones.

When a Delirium Mirror is triggered on a map, it releases a gray mist that extends across the entire area. Within this mist, new adversaries and dangers can emerge and existing enemies may acquire the delirium modifier, enhancing their strength or introducing new attacks.

With the Unending Nightmare Keystone active, the delirium fog generated by the Delirium Mirror persists indefinitely on your maps, resisting any attempts to end it.

However, as a trade-off, you forfeit the receipt of Simulacrum Splinters and Delirium Orbs.

Beyond & Endless Tide

Final modification involves pairing Beyond with the Endless Tide Keystone.

In this modification, when you defeat a monster, there’s a possibility of a small Crimson Orb materializing on the ground. If four of these orbs cluster closely, they create portals summoning ordinary demons.

Upon the demise of these newly spawned regular demons, there’s a chance they leave an organic bloody fountain at their origin. If three of these fountains emerge in close proximity, they give rise to a unique and exceptionally challenging boss difficult to both defeat and evade.

However, with the Endless Tide Keystone Beyond bosses are prevented from appearing. Moreover, it reduces the total merging radius for Beyond portals by 50%, diminishing the number of additional Beyond monsters that would typically spawn from portal merging.

Each of the aforementioned modifications impacts all players undergoing random alterations every 15 minutes from the commencement of the event.

Once you grasp their mechanics, the content becomes exceptionally engaging and easily accessible. However, keep in mind that this event still maintains the 5x experience reduction upon death mechanism.

5 Recommend Builds For This Event

Additionally, some of the included mods in this event might pose a challenge for you, so we suggest considering five builds down here that meet the criteria of being tanky, powerful, and easy to play.

If you don’t have these builds yet, prepare enough POE Currency to make them:

  • Cold Damage Over Time (D.o.T) Trickster 
  • Righteous Fire 
  • Boneshatter Slayer 
  • Summon Raging Spirit (S.R.S) Poison 
  • Detonate Dead Ignite 

Remember, for every character reaching level 50, you’ll receive a reward box and unlock numerous other rewards as you hit higher level milestones. Get ready for a laid-back weekend and join us at this event.


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