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The Starting Build For Path Of Exile 3.23 League And Blast From The Past Event! - Toxic Rain Raider Build Guide

Nov 15, 2023

Today I want to talk about my starter build for the next league of Path of Exile and my starter build for this week’s Blast from the Past event - Toxic Rain Raider.

This is a very simple skill build. Aside from the advantage of having a very good single-player campaign, it doesn’t have much else going for it.

The Starting Build For Path Of Exile 3.23 League And Event Of The Week - Toxic Rain Raider Build Guide

How Does It Work?

Toxic Rain is where you shoot arrows into the sky and they come down to land on your enemies. They will then explode and drop a bunch of Grasping Vines’ debuff effects. Over time, they deal massive amounts of chaos damage to enemies. This build had around 2 million DPS so it only required very little gear to clear the map.

Other than that, the only thing you really need in your build is Quill Rain. It can handle Tier 16 Maps. As long as you have a high enough level and resistance, it increases your damage and attack speed by 100% to help you every time you hit an enemy.

When we get to Tier 16 Map, we’ll see how the build works. Also, since it’s primarily built for mapping, there’s a certain cap on the build. So once you get to the mapping stage, it’s hard to get to the point where you can really push the damage further. That’s why they call it a starter rather than a finisher.

Path of Exile: Quill Rain

Why Choose It?

Ever since I discovered Toxic Rain build, it has been my go-to for all league builds when running maps. Since it’s largely a self-sufficient build, it can get you to a stage where you can do some mapping and start farming some POE currency. This way you can transition to a more powerful build if needed.

This is also very useful for our Blast from the Past event. Because it has a very efficient upgrade path. It’s easy to upgrade and will have you clearing the map quickly.

And I think the defensive capabilities of Toxic Rain build are largely underrated. Because it’s a Raider build and can abuse many abilities that other classes normally can’t. For example, we can use Blood Rage, Sniper’s Mark and Precision early in the build. So we’re able to move forward quickly.

Gear Selection

Besides Quill Rain, the second best item you’ll need to master is Thief’s Torment. Because Thief’s Torment gives you a lot of persistence, you gain 60 health and 30 mana every time you hit an enemy. It’s an offensive-defensive ring with a ton of defensive value.

The downside of Thief’s Torment is that you can’t run other rings. But when it gives you 33% of all resistances along with all other defensive adjacent items, that’s not a big deal for this build.

Path of Exile: Thief's Torment

Cherrubim’s Maleficence is a body armor with high chaos damage. You can find it easily. Of course, if you have enough POE Currency budget, you can also choose to purchase Cherrubim’s Maleficence directly. They give you a lot of chaos damage in base life, and then provide you with the extra regeneration of Life Leach.

Rumi’s Concoction is also well worth a try. This is a Unique Utility Flasks that also gives you extra armor. Because it’s a Granite Flask, the rest of the build only works around certain rare items, giving you a damage multiplier or granting you resistance.

Then you also need to increase your attack speed as much as possible on helmet and gloves. Withered causes the multiplier of Chaos damage you deal to be 10%-12% slower. This way you can stack Withered on the enemy and then on the helmet.

Skill Tree

Because you need to reduce the mana cost of your attacks and increase your mana retention efficiency, allowing you to leverage your endgame skills. So for skills, you need to run Malevolence and Grace as your aura in this build.

You then need to run Immortal Call, dealing damage and increasing the duration set by Guard Skill. This way, if you take a fatal hit, Immortal Call will try to keep you alive in the situation to gain your utility skills.

If you want to use Frenzy to get Manaforged Arrows Support to get Frenzy Charge. Then you need to upgrade Flame Dash as your movement skill. Because it’s one of the best movement skills in its own right for most builds.

Path of Exile: Toxic Rain Raider Build Skill Tree

Skill Gems

Ideally, you want Toxic Rain Raider to have Void Manipulation Support, Vicious Projectiles Support, Efficacy Support, and Concentrated Effect Support.

If you are running 5-Link, then you need to drop Concentrated Effect Support and run the rest. Of course, if you’re running 4-Link, you’ll want to lower Efficacy and Concentrated Effect Support, and then run Void Manipulation and Vicious Projectiles Support.

Path of Exile: Void Manipulation Support


Because we are Raider, it allows you to have a quality of life where you don’t have to stop and attack all the time. This way you get passive levels and passive drops without having to worry about constantly stopping and attacking builds.

When it reaches around level 90, its total damage will reach over 2 million over time. You’ll also have around 42,000 lives, which should be enough for the map. Your max hit is around 34k. This elemental max hit build is great once you’ve maxed out your Elemental Resistances.

This build is really tanky and can usually get you all the way into the red map early in the build with about a 90% chance of clearing the map.

Path of Exile 3.22: Toxic Rain Raider

Build Budget

All Uniques for this build only require 1-10 Chaos Orbs, so completing the entire build is very cheap. For this reason, it is very advantageous for a starter building. It’s also very good at farming Chaos Recipes early and getting you to a stage where you can start driving market value.

By following this guide, you will be able to successfully master Toxic Rain Raider. This is a powerful build capable of destroying enemies and providing a thrilling gaming experience. Whether you’re cruising around the map or taking on challenging bosses, this build has the potential to excel in every aspect of the game.


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