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Leveling Tips For POE 3.23 League Starter Build - Toxic Rain Manaforged Arrow Pathfinder Build Guide

Nov 27, 2023

Today we are going to talk about leveling tips for Toxic Rain Manaforged Arrow Pathfinder build. Mastering this build will help you get off to a better start in Path of Exile 3.23.

Introduction And Basic Skills

First, we focus on basic skills. We’re going to transition to Caustic Arrow to gain a significant advantage in combat until you can get Toxic Rain. Then pair your Caustic Arrow with Mirage Archer Support. This combo will continue to deal damage even when you’re not actively attacking, giving you a constant offensive advantage over your enemy.

These two skills are essential elements, and the basis for future exciting adventures in obtaining Toxic Rain. As you advance through the mission, you can unlock more skill gems to enhance your character’s abilities by investing in Divine Orbs to roll gems. Such as Clarity Aura, Skitterbots and Despair.

Leveling Tips For POE 3.23 League Starter Build - Toxic Rain Manaforged Arrow Pathfinder Build Guide

Manaforged Arrows And Socket Management

This guide will guide you through simple campaign mode and gear setup. For more attack options, choose Manaforged Arrow, a handy feature available at level 8.

Let’s talk about Socket management. It is crucial to ensure that each piece of equipment has at least two Green Linked Sockets. These slots are the ticket connecting Caustic Arrow and Manaforged Arrow.

When you reach level 12, your Toxic Rain skill gem is ready and can be switched to all Caustic Arrow gems. If you prefer to use Caustic Arrow to upgrade, that’s fine, it’s just a personal choice. They work as a perfect combination of attack skills, and together they will increase your damage output.

It’s about a synergistic strategy with your major attacks to progress further in Toxic Rain. Mirage Archer Support and Faster Attacks Support should be enough to optimize your primary attack skills during the campaign by maximizing their links. If feasible, it is best to combine Vicious Projectiles Support, Void Manipulation Support, and Efficacy Support to enhance effectiveness.

The guide does not explain how to perform each step. You should also try to think about its mechanics to understand it. This is tailor made for those who want a deeper understanding rather than a simplified step-by-step explanation of mana regeneration mana deficiencies.

Path of Exile: Manaforged Arrows

Mana Regeneration And Gear Optimization

Time to talk about early Mana Regeneration and gear optimization to keep your mods level.

First, use Clarity Aura, which will enable continuous Mana Regeneration so you can keep firing those deadly arrows without any downtime.

Pro tip: Don’t link your Manaforged Arrow and Toxic Rain with any other support gems. Otherwise, your mana will run out quickly.

Now let’s talk about your gear. The bow is your primary weapon, so finding a weapon with high physical damage and attack speed is crucial. Initially, this will maximize your efficiency in upgrading with Toxic Rain or Caustic Arrow and Manaforged Arrow.

As for rings, look for ones that increase life resistance, attack speed, mana, and life flasks. They can keep you alive in the heat of battle.

Whatever your preference, remember that the right gear will make or break your build. So don’t skimp on throwing in some POE Currency to get it right and always try to provide high resistance to your gear. It will make you stronger than you think.

Skill Tree And Masteries

Let’s optimize your Skill Tree now and unleash your true potential with the right Skill Tree.

Skill Tree in Path of Exile is a vast network of nodes, each of which unlocks new strengths or enhances existing ones. Here you can fine-tune your character to suit your play style.

Path of Exile: Toxic Rain Manaforged Arrow Pathfinder Skill Tree

Taking Toxic Rain Manaforged Arrow Pathfinder as an example, you need to prioritize Chaos damage multiplier and attack speed.

We start with Ballista node first, then unlock Aspect of the Eagle for more physical damage and attack speed, and spend the 10% Chaos damage overtime multiplier to find Entropy to increase the skill effect duration. Also, Hunter’s Gambit’s Chaos damage overtime multiplier increases the duration of skill effects and the bonus damage of bow skills.

Don’t forget that Field Medicine for increased healing skills and Farsight defense nodes for additional projectile damage are crucial for survivability. Profane Chemistry and Charisma will contribute to Flask Charges and Life and Mana Reservation efficiency of skills.

Hopefully, you could learn about these Masteries that offer unique bonuses that can drastically change your gameplay in this build. You need to focus on Chaos Mastery to increase the bow’s area of effect and cause more damage to enemies.

When you use Flask Effect Duration Mastery, your skill effects last 25% longer. When you reach the map, don’t forget to look for Evasion Mastery, which gives you a chance to suppress spell damage. But only do this if you can reach at least 90% chance and get Lucky node. Remember, the most important thing is to experiment and explore custom Skill Trees and Masteries based on your play style.


That concludes this Toxic Rain Manaforged Arrow Pathfinder build and upgrade guide. Hopefully, this guide gave you a good understanding of the basics of leveling concepts. While this leveling method may not be suitable for everyone, it’s definitely worth considering! Don’t miss your chance to level up like a pro!


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