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More Details About Path of Exile Endless Heist

Path of Exile December events will usher in another new challenge. Like Endless Delve, this event still limits players to a small portion of POE, and those who run the furthest forward will get rewards. Now you can prepare for the upcoming 10 days in Rogue Harbour because Endless Heist is around the corner. will list information related to the event.

Endless Heist start time

The Endless Heist event will last for 10 days, starting on December 17 at 12 PM PT and continuing until December 27 at 12 PM PT.

How does the Endless Heist work?

In Endless Heist, players will be restricted to Rogue Harbour, and they will visit different locations when they obtain Contracts and Blueprints. This mode is the same as Heist in the normal game mode, but with some changes. Based on the popularity of the Heist league, this event should also attract a lot of players to participate.

In the Endless Heist event, you don't need to spend Rogue Markers to run Contracts and Blueprints. The number of new Contracts will also increase, and it will be guaranteed to drop from the final display case in each run. When you reach level 50 in the area, the Blueprint may also drop from the final display case.

During the event, you can buy gems from Lilly Roth and hand in divination cards. In Endless Event, there are several modes for you to choose from:

* Standard

* Hardcore

* Standard solo self-found

* Hardcore solo self-found

Note: The characters and items in this event will not be transferred to the standard version of their league after the item ends.


* The top 5 players in each of the Ascendancy Classes can get a Demigod’s Authority unique one-handed sword

* Players who reach level 50 can get an Atlantis Mystery Box

* Players who reach a higher threshold during the event will be randomly drawn to obtain micro-transaction items

  Level 60: Scientist footprints effect, Azure Seraph weapon effect, Infernal helmet (1000 each)

Level 70: Divine Arcane portal effect, Havenwood portal effect, Sentinel portal effect (1000 each)

Level 80: Harlequin character effect, Stormcaller character effect, Infernal character effect (700 each)

Level 85: Wasteland Warrior armor set, Wrangler armor set, Necrotic armor set (200 each)

Level 90: Blackguard cloak, Seraph Grace wings, Rapture wings (200 each)

Level 95: Heartseeker wings, Angelic armor set, Automaton herald effect (50 each)

Once the event is over, POE players will still return to the normal mode of the game. At that time, POE Currency will still be needed. As long as you need, you can come to to buy any POE Currency you need at any time.

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