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New Information About Mobile From ExileCon 2023 In Path Of Exile

Aug 03, 2023

Mobile has essentially been put on indefinite hold it looks like. That doesn't mean it's not in development, it is but POE 2 and even POE 1 appear to be the priority.

Path Of Exile

POE Mobile Isn't Near!

At ExileCon 2023, just one showcase was dedicated to it and unfortunately, it didn't go too well. Even after ExileCon, POE Mobile site still isn't updated and uses assets and information from ExileCon 2019.

So what's going on with this Mobile game? It really does seem to be an extra project right now, with all resources funneled to POE 2 and a good team working on POE 1. That of course is good with me and surely you as well, but it's still fun to take a look at what this third Path of Exile title is shaping up to be.

POE Mobile will not release until Path of Exile 2 is out it seems, this was stated by the project's lead developer Trevor also known as the Mobile Fall Guy during its showcase would subtract them. This makes sense as the game doesn't appear to be ready in the slightest, it really did look janky. As if it's set to hit our phones after the release of POE 2, they have lots of time to optimize.

Path Of Exile 2

The Awesome Mobile Story

One huge change from the teaser at ExileCon 2019 was the story of Path of Exile Mobile. The first look at us working with Zana, the master cartographer, who was no longer present in POE1 as Siege of the Atlas. However, this peak was entirely different, now POE Mobile will be a prequel to both POE2 and POE1, POE 2 is set 20 years after the events of POE1, POE Mobile will take place 20 years before the campaign of POE1, the story looks quite interesting as well.

Leagues In POE's Mobile Title

POE Mobile will have challenge leagues, this Mobile game is going to have seasons, although who knows how they'll slot in between the concurrently developed PC and console titles of POE 1 and 2. However, fellow Exiles, if GGG decides to reward us with challenge Cosmetics and POE Currency as they do in POE 1 right now and those items are usable in either POE1 or its sequel, they might hook me for more than just the story.

Path Of Exile Cosmetics

A Decent POE Tutorial

On POE Mobile was its take on introducing new players to POE's mechanics. The tutorial was quite in-depth quite hand-holding although I'd say that might be a boon for new players who opt in to an experience like that, even on PC.

Only a small segment of the passive skill tree was shown, vendors were explained as was combat and the gem system. Plenty of POE 2 systems appear to be in POE Mobile, a truth outright stated by Trevor. They're using POE 2 as the skeleton for Mobile, from its systems and classes to its animations and graphics, wouldn't it be wild if POE Mobile had better graphics than POE1? It looks like that might be the reality.

Path Of Exile Mobile

Excitement For Mobile

My fellow totally sane Exiles, what are your thoughts on POE Mobile and its development so far? It looks like not much has happened in the past few years which, in my eyes could be a good thing, they're focusing on ensuring their other two titles POE1 and POE 2, will be of the highest quality before they push out this Mobile game.

I'm glad about all that, are you?


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