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Path Of Exile 3.15 Expedition Merchants

Jul 29, 2021

In the Expedition League, you will meet many merchants, all of whom have specific inventory and trading mechanics. For more details, please continue to read this article!

Gwennen - the Gambler

Gwennen is the first member of the Kalguuran expedition you encounter in Path Of Exile 3.15. She is a gambler, which means you don't know what you will get from trade with her. Each item she provides has a different cost, and you can see the base of the item that you gamble on, in return, you can get any items related to this base. It can be magic, rare, or even unique items, everything depends on your luck and level.

You will gamble from the relevant item level to the character level. Some items require items that are 1-2 levels higher than you, but you can't expect to gamble on low-level items.

All merchants have different items, which will not be reset automatically. To re-roll items from Gwennen’s inventory, you need a special artifact that can only be used to re-roll her inventory - Astragali.

Gwennen will need the Broke Circle Artifact type:

* Lesser Broken Circle Artifact

* Common Broken Circle Artifact

* Greater Broken Circle Artifact

* Grand Broken Circle Artifact

Tujen - the Haggler

After killing Brutus, you will see him in the first area. Tujen’s encounters are the same, but can be harder because of the progression of the game.

Tujen is a currency merchant and you will find high-quality gems in his inventory. The general principles of trading are similar to Gwennen, you need different artifacts to trade with Tujen and different re-rolling items. In addition, you can see the exact quantity of things you buy and you can bargain with him.

Haggler artifact types:

* Lesser Black Scythe Artifact

* Common Black Scythe Artifact

* Greater Black Scythe Artifact

* Grand Black Scythe Artifact

Those Black Scythe types need to be purchased from his inventory. You can bargain with him, and the best way is to provide Tujen with something in the middle so that you can activate the real bargaining mode. If he is interested in you, you will see two red lines that edge possible costs, choose a location with the highest range and complete the trade.

Rog - the Dealer

Rog is one of the most profitable merchants because he can upgrade the items you buy from him. All items in Rog's inventory have been confirmed, and you can pick the items you need. When you buy it, you can upgrade it. Rog got some upgrades similar to the effects of different Orbs.

Trading artifacts:

* Lesser Order Artifact

* Common Order Artifact

* Greater Order Artifact

* Grand Order Artifact

You need Scrap Metal special items to refresh the items he provides.

Dannig - Warrior Skald

Dannig is the last merchant and the leader of the Kalgurran expedition. You will see him for the first time in the area between Act 2 and Act 3, which is the City of Sarn.

His artifact type in exchange:

* Lesser Sun Artifact

* Common Sun Artifact

* Greater Sun Artifact

* Grand Sun Artifact

Even if the items in Dannig's inventory cannot be refreshed, you can change the exchange price. To do this, you need Burial Medallion artifact.

This is the information about all the merchants in the Expedition League, you need to provide the corresponding artifacts according to their needs! will update more details of Path Of Exile 3.15 later.

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