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Path Of Exile 3.16 Expansion Timeline

The Path Of Exile Expedition League is underway, and it seems to be getting into the late stage in the game. Players can't wait to welcome new content.

The official site announced the latest news, and GGG stated that they plan to launch the 3.16 expansion at the end of October. And this week, they will also share some follow-up news to confirm the exact release date of the 3.16 expansion. The announcement will be made through Twitch, if you are interested, you can click here to view it. They previously disclosed some details of 3.16 in the POE community, but there are still many unknown things, and more information needs to be officially released. Like all Path Of Exile expansions, it includes a new challenge league, skills, items, balance changes, and more.

Next week, GGG will begin to share some of the minor teasers that will appear in this expansion, such as items and divination cards to stimulate your preferences for upcoming things. In addition, before the release, they will also share many balance changes, including changes in ailments, defenses, flasks, and more.

GGG has previously mentioned plans to reduce maps and areas in the Atlas. If this plan is confirmed, then it will affect existing Atlases for players in the permanent leagues. If you play in these leagues, then you don’t want to miss the upcoming news, which will indicate what will happen to your watchstones, sextants, etc. will also follow the relevant news. Once GGG is released more details, we will update the news in time to let you know the first time.

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