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Path Of Exile: All About Corrupted Gems

In Path Of Exile, when you traverse Wraeclast, you will encounter corrupted gems. They may be confusing, and some players don't know more details about this, so will introduce the information about corrupted gems.

What are corrupted gems?

Corrupted gems are gems with a modifier that can increase their quality and strength. When you hover over it, you will see its information and it will display "corrupted". If the gem is corrupted, you will not be able to use crafting orbs to further modify it, except for modifying the sockets and the sockets links.

However, corrupted gems are better than non-corrupted ones. Because corrupted gems can be made or discovered.

Corrupting gems with Vaal Orbs

You can look for corrupted gems or create them yourself. To create this, you need a Vaal Orb. You can get Vaal Orbs by killing monsters, breaking containers, or getting drops from Strongboxes.

To use the Vaal Orb, right-click on Orb, then left-click on the gem. In this way, it becomes a corrupted gem with some modifiers.

Corrupting a gem will have some different results:

* Nothing happens, but the gem still has the corrupted description

* +1 Gem Level

* -1 Gem Level

* +10% Quality (this caps at 23%)

* -10% Quality

* The gem skill turns into the Vaal version

After you corrupting a gem, you will not be able to restore it. So before you act, you need to think carefully.

What are Vaal Skills?

The Vaal versions of skills are more powerful, but they need fuel by killing enemies. This means that before you can use the skill, you need to kill a certain number of enemies.

Vaal skills can be stronger than their normal opponents, but this will cost you a lot. With other powerful skills, you should be able to easily collect enough fuel to use Vaal skills.

You can buy POE Currency on Because everyone has different needs, you can choose the Orbs you need. Of course, the most popular Exalted Orbs and Chaos Orbs are also available here.

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