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Path of Exile: Adjusted the balance of rare monsters

May 16, 2022

Not long after Path of Exile released its new challenge league, Sentinel, Grinding Gear Games took player feedback very seriously. A day after its release, the game's production team, led by Chris Wilson, made balance adjustments and bug fixes.

Before the release of Sentinel, the production team set the corresponding difficulty for the league to meet the players who are looking forward to the new challenge and conducted a large-scale test. After the official launch, they always pay attention to players' feedback and death data to evaluate the acceptance level of the difficulty for most players. The conclusion is that they have set levels that are too difficult for the average player.

After 12 hours of statistics and observation, the difficulty of rare and magical monsters does bring players a bad experience. Chris Wilson immediately made balance adjustments to the rare and magic monster. And brought the changes of Archnemesis Rare.

Like the just-concluded Siege of the Atlas, Archnemesis Modifiers increase the power of monsters and grant players additional rewards as they challenge them. After the change, the number of Archnemesis Modifiers for Rare Monsters will be reduced. According to Chris Wilson, rare monsters used to have two Archnemesis Modifiers by default, and even increased to three or four when spawned; now, rare monsters have defaulted to only one Archnemesis Modifier. This means that beating them will not be too difficult now.

Patch of changing rare monster Modifiers have been rolled out on servers. Although there are still players who say that this adjustment has not eliminated the excessive difficulty of monsters, battles with them will not happen as often as before. I think this is the balance that the production team wanted to find in keeping the challenge and preventing the difficulty from being too high. will continue to monitor Path of Exile's Sentinel League progress and provide you with the latest news. Meanwhile, you can also buy POE Currency here to help you have more fun in challenge leagues.


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