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Path Of Exile Atlas Invasion Dates, Rewards, and More

For POE players, the busy December is still going on, 6 new and returning events will appear in the game within a limited time. This is the first event of the game, and it will greatly change the Map content of the game. So, now you can turn on your Map Device and get ready for the Atlas Invasion. provides you with more relevant details.

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Atlas Invasion start time

Atlas Invasion will last for 10 days, starting from Dec 24 at 3 pm ET, 12 PM PT, and ending on Jan 2 at 3 PM ET, 12 PM PT.

Overview of Atlas Invasion

Compared with the events in previous months, Atlas Invasion is more like a normal POE league. During the event, each area, except Twilight Strand, is guaranteed to contain 5 endgame map bosses, and each boss will drop at least one unique item.


* The top 5 players in each of the Ascendancy Classes can get a Demigod’s Authority unique one-handed sword

* Players who reach level 50 can get an Atlantis Mystery Box

* Players who reach a higher threshold during the event will be randomly drawn to obtain micro-transaction items

Level 60: Scientist footprints effect, Azure Seraph weapon effect, Infernal helmet (1000 each)

Level 70: Divine Arcane portal effect, Havenwood portal effect, Sentinel portal effect (1000 each)

Level 80: Harlequin character effect, Stormcaller character effect, Infernal character effect (700 each)

Level 85: Wasteland Warrior armor set, Wrangler armor set, Necrotic armor set (200 each)

Level 90: Blackguard cloak, Seraph Grace wings, Rapture wings (200 each)

Level 95: Heartseeker wings, Angelic armor set, Automaton herald effect (50 each)

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