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Why Does Path Of Exile Have So Many Third-Party Tools?

POE players know that the game mechanic is very complicated, so if you want to relieve some pressure, some third-party tools are very helpful. has also introduced relevant content before, you can browse our website.

There are a lot of deep-level character systems and subsystems in the game, they are complementary, when you want to hold down the right-click and open the monster screen to get shiny loot, it is not easy. And the 13-week development cycle leaves little time to invest in the improvement of the quality of life. GGG focuses on developing new league content, so function expansion becomes difficult to manage at this point.

Players’ attitudes towards POE’s third-party tools are mixed. Some players think Path of Exile is very complicated compared to normal games, so third-party tools can help them reduce complexity. And the public API of POE provides very good data, not many games have such a rich API, so this also makes using POE third-party tools a common phenomenon.

Another controversial aspect is that the third-party tools of POE should be 100% provided by developers, but now it seems that they are all provided by the community, which is unsatisfactory. It means that GGG has not yet been able to provide me with the perfect game experience, they put all their energy into developing new content, while ignoring some details.

It can be seen that GGG still has a long way to go, but based on the interest in POE, players are also happy to make some helpful third-party tools, which can also promote great interactions in the community, the community always has a way to make things better.

Since POE players already have a lot of things to do, is also committed to simplifying the quests of players, because grinding POE Currency in the game is time-consuming, so if you lack any currency you need, you can buy it directly here, which will make everything process more smoothly.

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