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Path of Exile: Build Guides on Corrupting Fever Champion in 3.19

Sep 07, 2022

Hey guys, today let’s talk about my POE 3.19 league starter for Lake of Kalandra. Not only does this build deal no single target damage, but If you're someone looking for a build that clears maps really fast and nothing else, then Corrupting Fever Champion is the build for you.

So as many of you guys may know patch 3.19 was released with a handful of reworks, and with so many changes coming to the core game, this brought about its own plethora of issues. One of the biggest challenges that players faced on league start this season was how to deal with the massively over powerful monsters that have spawned.

The way this build works is you fire a slew of projectiles injure enemies that consequently apply a stacking charge of corrupting. while unleashing this attack, a ghostly scythe will alternate with a splatter of blood to ensure that your enemies are properly riddled with diseases while you pummel them with explosive projectiles, as their organs begin to hemorrhage, and their innards begin to collapse, their corpses will explode onto surrounding enemies leading to a severe drop in graphical performance. 

By running the most cracked unique item in the game, we can ensure that mapping satisfaction is guaranteed. Now for our Ascendancy we're going to be running with path of exile's most viable Ascendancy, the Champion. For our ascendancy passives, we'll be running with Inspirational, Unstoppable Hero, Fortitude, and of course First to Strike, Last to Fall. In this build, First to Strike, Last to Fall as your bread and butter, and will allow you to survive and overcome the 3.19 league start. Meanwhile, Fortitude gives us more defense, Inspirational gives us more reservation efficiency and Unstoppable Hero gives us more attack speed, as you can see this is nearly the perfect ascendancy to survive the massively over powerful monsters of week 1 in 3.19.

For our defenses we have Determination, Spell Suppression, Ailment Avoidance and of course Cast on Death-portal, no build in is truly viable without Cast on Death-portal. I also have a cast one damage taken molten shell, but as we all know molten shell is just for show, and that the truly superior defense is being able to throw six bodies at the same monster, trust me this setup is gonna change your life.

Now let's talk about how to gear up this build, to gear up this build we're going to need three things with Life, Elemental Resistance and Unique Items, don't forget to grab Spell Suppression and Ailment Avoidance. To start off on the uniques, we have the Poet's Pen. It will allow us to trigger to reap without needing to reserve mana. Doryani's Invitation will give us some much needed elemental resistances in the early progression and allow us to leech some of our physical damage as life. Finally, we have Hemophilia these gloves enable an incredible clear speed by inflicting bleeds and proliferating damage with explosions that are based on the enemy's life pool.

Above all are the simple guides on my POE 3.19 starter adventures, if you want to know more inform is your best place. Meanwhile, you can also buy POE Currency with the cheap price here, do not wait anymore.


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