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Path Of Exile Classes Tier List, Which You Can Refer To Choose The Right Class

In Path Of Exile, you can build your characters in a variety of ways, and the worst items, classes, and skills can even be a good combination. Due to the complexity of its passive skill tree, even if you choose the same role, the nature and scope of the build will be different. The game highlights some obscure mechanics, game-changing items, Active and Support skills, and Ascendancy classes. There are a total of 19 Ascendancies in POE, which means that 6 of the 7 basic classes have 3 Ascendancies for each character, and Scion has only one subclass option - the Ascendant.

S-Tier Ascendancies


Scion is the only class that has an Ascendancy, but the flexibility of Ascendant makes it an awesome subclass to choose from different builds. The Ascendant node provides unique rewards based on the other 18 Ascendants, which means that Ascendant can choose 2 Ascendancies.


It is good at almost everything, and they will do whatever you can think of. This advantage has consistently proven itself to be a very consistent choice for many builds and all levels.


Assassin is one of the most popular Ascendancies in every league in POE. Because it is excellent with Critical Strike, Poison, Elusive and Power Charges. This class can be said to be a jack of all trades, but it also has a very clear game style, suitable for many endgame builds.


Because of its kinship with Golems, Elementalist can easily be anything it wants to be. It allows the player to summon more Golems, which allows minions to do almost everything for the player. Players can use the borderline-overpowered buffs granted by Golems to make Burning Arrow that destroys everything.

A-Tier Ascendancies


It is one of the most balanced Ascendancies in POE, Gladiator is a very good choice for offense and defense. It combines Block nodes and is suitable for Dual Wielding and Shields with Challenger Charges to increase damage and speed. Bleed nodes contain one of the best clearing skills - Bleedplosion. It is just a compound damage output. This means that killing enemies affected by Bleed will cause them to explode, dealing AOE physical damage to nearby enemies.


When the Ritual League was released, the Inquisitor received a change. It was given a new life, in a form of a hybrid role between casting spells and using attacks.


A very comprehensive Ascendancy that can be effectively used in many different builds. Its ability to cast an additional curse is always attractive, especially considering that Occultist can also impose curses on Hexproof enemies. And, when it comes to skills that cause damage over time, this class can outperform many other skills.


It has amazing offensive nodes, great defensive perks, and it is quite versatile.

B-Tier Ascendancies


In the Ritual League, Hierophant was nerfed and lost the ability to summon two additional totems. But it has also received additional rewards, and its nodes have gained Arcane Surge, making it an attractive choice.


This class still provides some benefits for players who are willing to delve into the Flask game style. The best example of an excellent build is Toxic Rain.


Slayer has a natural high critical strike chance, making it an attractive choice for attack-based builds that rely on critical strikes, AOE, and possible immunity to reflected physical damage. Another attractive element is its built-in enhanced Culling Strike, which means that it can instantly kill enemies with less than 20% Life.


From Dexterity-stacking builds to Toxic Rain, from Elemental Hit to Blade Blast, it is a reliable choice. And it is also very versatile because it is easy to get Frenzy Charges, Onslaught and Phasing.

C-Tier Ascendancies


The Saboteurs are one of the best in the league, and they provide a very strong single-target option for damage.  


It provides good synergy and builds attempts to get as much raw damage and Rage as possible.


This is a class that focuses mainly on the piercing. This is an incredible damage source that can effectively clear maps and bosses.


A node is added, which changes the way Mirage Arches summoned by the Deadeye behave, stacking up to three of them.

D-Tier Ascendancies


If you want to stack Auras, this can be said to be one of the best choices, whether it is a team game or a broken Aura-stacking build that requires some Mirrors of Kalandra to work.


It is related to Fire damage, Endurance charges, and Totems, but it does not provide anything more unique.


This is a very defensive class and may not be very popular.

You can choose some suitable classes according to the class tier list, so that you can proceed more smoothly in Path Of Exile. As for other good gear or weapons, you need to spend POE Currency to get them.

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