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Path of Exile: Conditions for defeating The Infinite Hunger

The Infinite Hunger, one of the most well-known bosses in Eldritch Horrors, appears in the questline of the Eater of Worlds, and players who want to complete its challenges must obtain the Writing Invitation to access the Seething Chyme.

It is worth mentioning that Grinding Gear Games has made a balance adjustment for The Infinite Hunger in version 3.18, and its melee attack damage has been increased. So for this mission in the middle and late stages of Sentinel League, players need some useful skills and conditions to reduce the difficulty relatively.

1. At least 80% of the item quantity in the area is satisfied.

Players will need to use the new Atlas Keystone Passive Skill "Height of Hubris" to add 100% of modifiers to invitations. After that, players only need to make Writing Invitation for at least 40% of the item quantity. Of course, if you lack the time to farm, you can also choose to buy POE Currency such as Chaos Orb, Orb of Scouring, etc. directly on to craft it.

2. Avoid getting hit by Vomit.

This projectile is a long-range attack that requires a lot of skill to evade. Players may need to focus on providing a good movement speed in the build to avoid these attacks. Also, this means that starting to move as soon as possible at the sound of an attack is the point of the fight.

3. You can only leave the arena when you have 50 stacks of Corrosive Hunger.

As a debuff, Corrosive Hunger appears to be able to stack continuously without a cap and brings a reduced chance of physical damage reduction and player attack. Although this effect will bring a lot of resistance to the player's Bossfight progress, the Corrosive Hunger can only launch this swampy arena after reaching 50 stacks.

4. Not getting 20 stacks of Corrosive Hunger after being pulled down at least three times.

When the Corrosive Hunger drags players to the debuff area, players need to follow the flow of the ooze to the portal to get back to the arena. At the same time, players need to stand on the island, as stepping into the swamp will bring a series of Digestive Acid debuffs.

Overall, the challenge of beating The Infinite Hunger requires players to beef up their builds to deal with long-standing debuffs. will work to bring you more enhanced possibilities, where you can buy POE Currency for a smoother experience in the battle of The Infinite Hunger.

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