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Path of Exile: Metamorph Encounters Guide

There's a lot of challenge content in Sentinel League based on previous versions of Path of Exile, and Metamorph Encounters is all about bringing the Metamorph League mechanics back to players. As the 14th challenge, players can complete this challenge relatively easily based on their rich experience. Below are each of the Metamorph Encounters that players need to complete.

1. Collect the Metamorph composed of five different kinds of organs and defeat it.

As I mentioned above, this challenge is based entirely on previous mechanics. Players need to collect the Brain, Eyes, Heart, Lungs, and Liver to create a Metamorph. As an enemy in ever-changing form, each organ of the Metamorph represents the attack it uses. Players need to visit his camp by talking to him or with the help of a waypoint, killing it will be the key for us to complete this challenge.

2. Defeat a Metamorph with five different modifiers.

This is relatively not very difficult, players just need to make sure each rare organ is initially created with archnemesis modifiers and use 5 different archnemesis modifiers. So all the organs players collect need to be archnemesis.

3. Defeat Metamorph and Rogue Metamorph in sequence within five seconds.

Players will need to assign Escaped Experiment, Atlas' famous passive ability, which gives the area a 20% chance of containing a Rogue Metamorph. At this point, you need to find a map where a rogue metamorph has spawned and try to clear the remaining mobs until enough organs are dropped to create a Metamorph.

After organ reorganization, players will need to spawn Tane's Metamorph near the Rogue Metamorph. The player then needs to kill them within 5 seconds to complete the challenge.

4. Defeat the Metamorph in Tane's lab.

First, players have to go to Tane's laboratory through the waypoint, put the corresponding organs in the Construct Metamorph device, and defeat Metamorph after it appears. will continue to help with your Sentinel League progress. You can buy POE Currency here and get more information, and we will process your order as soon as possible.

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