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Path of Exile: Harvest Encounters Guide

Sentinel League is in full swing. For players with less league experience, completing mid-game challenges is ideal as a transition and can also be rewarded richly.

As the 15th challenge of Sentinel League, Harvest Encounters contains some of the mechanics in Harvest League, which requires players to spend a certain amount of time to complete. The following is a Harvest Encounters guide to bring you help.

1. Defeat the T4 Harvest Boss.

These harvest monsters are not difficult bosses to deal with, but players need to be careful to find them. Ersi, Mother of Thorns-Wild Thornfruit, Janaar, the Omen-Primal Blisterfruit, and Namharim, Born of Night-Vivid Scalefruit are all optional.

2. Harvest at least 7 Crops in a single Sacred Grove.

This challenge has a very large RNG component, and players need to harvest the Atlas passive skills associated with it. Then I have to mention the most famous "Heart of the Grove" in Harvest, which can bring a 10% bonus to unchosen crops to wilt. Players need to trigger this skill twice to complete this challenge.

3. Defeat Oshabi, Avatar of the Grove.

As the boss of the heart of the jungle, when it is generated, an interactive tree will appear in the middle of the grove, and players need to click on it to start the battle. During combat, players have to work fast as she fires the attacks quickly. Players need to adopt different strategies at different stages.

Notably, players will be able to get the Sacred Blossom drop from the T4 Harvest minibosses thanks to the "Heart of the Grove." is dedicated to helping you with your Sentinel League progress, where you can buy POE Currency to complete challenges more smoothly.

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