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Path of Exile: Tips for Defeating The Shaper

The Shaper is the first Pinnacle boss who players meet in Sentinel League. Defeating The Shaper is the 31st challenge in Sentinel League, and players need to create the following conditions to defeat him more smoothly.

1. When Maven is watching the battle, you need to speed up the attack.

Since Maven can boost The Shaper in many ways, using a high DPS build to quickly beat The Shaper is the best option. Because the longer the line is drawn, the more mechanics she'll power up The Shaper, including increased damage resistance, increased speed, and even annoying clones.

2. Try to avoid the Shaper Beam.

Shaper Beam is one of The Shaper's main abilities, and it attacks you with an extremely powerful beam. If the Shaper Beam is unfortunate enough to be hit, it will inflict continuous damage, and the player's life will continue to be affected even after the attack ends. So long-range builds will be more suitable for dealing with this skill, and at the same time, when it is in the charging phase, players seize this precious gap and run to a safe area ahead of time.

3. Try to avoid triggering Volatile Anomalies.

Defeating the Shaper requires a quick fix, as the Vortex spell will spawn a slow-moving grey orb at the edge of the arena every few seconds during combat in search of the player, which will deal heavy cold damage. Therefore, players should try to stay in the middle of the arena, avoid touching them as much as possible, and quickly run to the other side to start attacking.

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