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Path of Exile: The conditions required to defeat The Eater of Worlds

Speaking of Eldirch Horrors, we naturally think of The Eater of Worlds, which has been controversial among players for being hard to beat. And when you've completed the first 35 challenges of the Sentinel League, it's time for you to face its challenges.

Beating The Eater of Worlds is no easy task, either during the Siege of the Atlas or in the current Sentinel League. If you get stuck in this challenge now, fulfilling the following conditions will help you a lot.

1. The area has more than 80% quantity of items.

Although Sentinel has brought a lot of new gameplay and mechanics, the same as the last league, it brought back the classic 80% item quantity, and a series of items including Elderslayer's Exalted Orb can be used here. Players who meet this condition can use the "Height of Hubris" Atlas Passive keystone so that only about half of the item quantity needs to be crafted. Of course, if you think this is a hassle, you can also buy directly on POECurrency.

2. Touch the floating grey orbs around the boss arena ten times to get rid of them.

If you touch some of the floating grey balls next to the Boss Arena, you will "drown." And you need to go through ten or so "drowns" to get rid of those balls that might kill you instantly in Bossfight. Another thing to note is that these balls can also significantly slow down your movement speed, so it's necessary to advance skills like Flame Dash ahead of time.

3. Use a modifier with the "Unique Boss has 70% increased Area of Effect."

This requires players to create a "Titan's" prefix modifier, which, although it increases the difficulty of defeating the boss, is also necessary to defeat The Eater of Worlds. will continue to bring you the latest Path of Exile: Sentinel news. At the same time, to help you finish faster in Challenge Leagues, you can also buy POE Currency here to get ahead.

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