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Path Of Exile: Don't Get Caught Playing Without These Addons

Jan 21, 2022

Path Of Exile's next league, Siege of the Atlas, is just around the corner. So this also means that more new players will join the game, POE is known for its complex mechanics, so before the new league starts, will provide some guides to make new players jump faster into the game. We will introduce some useful add-ons and tools.

Craft of Exile

Crafting items in Path of Exile is not easy, especially when you don't get your preferred mod combo. The Craft of Exile offers a crafting simulator that calculates the odds of success for any combination of mods. It also shows the total modified costs compared to others in your league. The craft of Exile will allow you to prioritize which items to use by showing which mods and Orbs will give the best odds.


Item filters are a must-have in POE, it allows you to quickly gauge the rarity and value of items you pick up, and FilterBlade is the best tool at this time. It offers dozens of filters for you to customize, or you can choose to import any filter created by the community.

Path of Building

The skill tree in POE is very complex, but Path of Building helps you by showing the most effective skills. You can compare item mods and their effects, and you can easily plan your character builds or import character builds from other players through this tool.

Path of Exile Trade

This tool improves POE trade in almost every way. Path of Exile has over 30 filters that you can use to quickly locate the item you want. You will then trade with another player.

PoE Overlay

When activated, it evaluates item prices for you, provides hints for any dungeon you're viewing, and manages trade requests.

Once the new league starts, you can come here to buy POE Currency, although POE is not a pay-to-win game, having enough POE Currency can still give you an advantage, allowing your character to deal with all kinds of difficult situations.


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