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POE's Siege of the Atlas Expansion Will Be Revealed Soon!

The next major expansion of Path of Exile will be revealed livestreamed soon. ‘Siege of the Atlas’ will be its name, and it's billed as POE's biggest expansion game of the past year. POE players won't be waiting too long, as more information about it will be leaked on January 27, and will also update the relevant details in time.

Siege of the Atlas reveal Livestream

Depending on your region, you can watch the Livestream on RPG's Twitch Channel at the following times:

*January 27 at 11 am PST

*January 27 at 2 pm EST

*January 27 at 7 pm GMT

Siege of the Atlas content

Players are also very curious about the content of the expansion, and we also got some useful information from the developers.

So far, they've shared that the game will bring a new endgame system and new pinnacle enemies, as well as a new challenge league.

New unique items and rewards will also be added, as well as some new game content in the form of story quests. Additionally, GGG is adding some balance changes with the expansion to improve gameplay. To immerse yourself in new content, you can always come here to buy POE Currency.

Another thing to note is that the mechanics of Scourge, the expansion content for 3.16 will not be brought in 3.17. So if you have content from the Scourge update to complete, you have a few weeks to do it.

Given the upcoming new league, is also fully prepared, once 3.17 is officially launched, you can come here to seek corresponding POE Currency and game guides.

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