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Path Of Exile: Expedition Expansion Will Rebalance The Game

Path Of Exile has a gameplay loop, which makes fans who are keen on dark games feel that this is a panacea. They want to find more content and incorporate some old-school design concepts. Path Of Exile adopts the difficulty setting of the old ARPG and is also considering introducing new content to attract more players. With the announcement of its latest expansion - Expedition, POE may hope to attract both experienced players and new players.

GGG said that the new expansion will introduce more excitement and they want to help reorganize and challenge Path Of Exile into the future of ARPG.

It is very important to balance the initial learning curve of any game with an online or multiplayer component. Combat games are a typical example. As the community expands, games with a higher learning curve can help new players quickly master the game mechanics. POE and other RPGs with PvP and endgame PvE, is no exception. GGG seems to be aware of this, so they want to completely change the POE through its latest expansion content.

The brutal difficulty is not something new, it can even make players more excited, and the intensive skill development stage will even attract potential players. Path Of Exile is in a unique position by rebalancing the key factors of gameplay, such as resource management, core movement speed, and new defense mechanics.

Fans are already excited about the content of POE Expedition, but changing some key concepts and adding some new content may be effective. The developers mentioned a system that would restrict the usage of flasks in an exploitative way while maximizing their usage. The new Livestream will be embedded below, showcasing a new management system for the flask, which will enable them to use more tactical options than before.

Expedition will take a new look at player and enemy base speed. In order to make it easier for new players to accept the game, many enemies will slow down in the first few acts of POE. This means surviving an encounter and a certain respawn. In addition, players will also get a new defense attribute alongside blocking, energy shielding and dodging.

The ward mechanic is a change to the core attributes of POE and will also appear in Expedition. Ward is an instant defensive stat and will not fight against anything else. If something causes 100 damage to your character with a ward of 100, then the first damage will be negated. This is a seemingly small element that can shake POE meta.

Again, Expedition will be released on PC and MAC OS on July 23, and on Xbox One and PS4 on July 28, so get ready! will frequently update POE-related guides and good news.

And at the beginning of the new league, POE Currency will be urgently needed, will also provide players with cheap POE Currency, and we can guarantee a large amount of inventory, you don't have to worry about the out-of-stock situation.

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