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Path Of Exile: GGG Summarized The Significant Balance Changes

The Path Of Exile Expedition League is coming soon, but the leaked information shows that this will be a unique league, and some important balance changes will appear. To let players know something in advance, GGG has released a longer explanation explaining the factors behind these changes and their purpose.

In general, these changes are due to the continuous power creep during the game life span, which makes many bosses fights insignificant, something only takes a short time, and there is no interesting interaction yet, which is frustrating. So in Expedition, the low-level monster life levels will be increased, and several key aspects of player builds will also be changed.

Most of the new manifesto is the same as those discussed last week, including support gem reduction, flask system rework, and player ailment mitigation. Generally speaking, the damage of the support gems will be reduced, the recharge of the flask will be slower, and there are new ways to mitigate ailments that are not dependent on the flasks.

The three movement skills will also be less effective, including Flame Dash, Dash, and Smoke Mine, which require greater specialization to fully utilize.

In addition, there are more in the manifesto, changes to Arcane Surge, Fortify, damage multipliers over time, veiled mods, some are just a point worth discussing, and even some actual buffs.

If you are a hardcore POE player, you don't want to miss the Expedition League. Now there is about one day away from the arrival of the new league, so players seem to be waiting eagerly. Once Expedition Expansion is released, will also pay attention to the latest trend and will update some POE guides in time to provide some useful tips.

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