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Path Of Exile Guide: How To Get Brutal Restraint?


In Path Of Exile, Dexterity builds are some of the most powerful builds in the game, which is why many dex players look for Brutal Restraint. This is a unique timeless jewel, giving a 25% dexterity boost.

Brutal Restraint is a unique Legion League item, but since the Legion Legion is no longer available, you can only trade for Brutal Restraint from a vendor.

How to get Brutal Restraint?

You can get Brutal Restraint by trading a vendor 5x Peaceful Moments divination cards.

In order to get a Peaceful Moments card, you need to exchange it for 5x The Gambler or 1x Stacked Deck.

The Gambler is a very common divination card, you can find it in any area in the game. However, Stacked Deck is a different story. It increases the chance that the vendor provides you with Peaceful Moments, and secondly, it is more difficult to obtain than the Gambler.

In order to get Stacked Deck, you need to farm a large number of monsters, no matter what area they are in. If you are lucky enough, the enemies will drop one of these decks.

Unfortunately, you cannot buy one from the vendor, but if you exchange an item enchanted with a Gilded Fossil, there is a chance that the vendor will randomly give you a Stacked Deck.

You can get Gilded Fossils from Niko the Mad for 100,000 Azurite or as a drop at the Fungal Caverns biome, which is just behind a Fractured Wall.

You can try all the methods until you get enough Peaceful Moments and get the Brutal Restraint jewel.

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