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Path Of Exile: When Can We Expect The Next Expansion To Drop?


GGG announces when we can expect the next expansion, and their plan to reveal more about it and how to check it.

Path Of Exile expansion 3.15 is scheduled to be released in mid-July 2021. Although the exact release date has not yet been announced officially, it gives us a fairly narrow window of time to look forward to.

In addition, the Ultimatum League will end 5 days before the release of the next expansion. GGG plans to announce the exact date on June 24, 2021.

The team will announce the expansion’s content and other details via live broadcast on the official POE Twitch channel, like the 3.14 announcement.

They also pointed out that expansion 3.15 will include a new league, rewards, game balance and other changes. Most importantly, its league range will be larger than Ultimatum, which is also part of the excitement of POE players.

So, before the end of Ultimatum, you still have one month to play the game. Some POE fans also expressed their concerns about the content of the game, hoping that the game balance of version 3.15 will be better than that of version 3.14.

More importantly, players demand better optimization, which will become the focus of attention of many players on June 24. Before that, players can only focus on Ultimatum League.

If you have not experienced all aspects of this league, there is still plenty of time. As for the POE Currency you need in the game, you can buy them from provides a well-rounded POE Currency, from Exalted Orbs to Chaos Orbs are available here. Because each player has different needs, as for more POE Orbs, you can check them out on

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