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Path Of Exile Map Guide: Orb Of Horizon Roll List


In Path Of Exile, Orb of Horizons is a currency item that can be used to re-forge the map into another map on the same tier. It only rolls maps into Natural Tier.


You missed completing the Dungeon Map, your atlas is watchstoned so your Dungeon is a Tier 16 map. But you want to completion for the atlas bonus.

Search for "Dungeon" here, this is Tier 9, so you need to bring anything from the Tier 9 map of your stash to start using Orbs of Horizons until you end up with the dungeon map.

Do not use Orbs of Horizons on T2, T3, and T4 maps except when necessary or in SSF.

No unique maps in this list (cannot be rolled with horizon orb)"

Tier 1

Arcade, Coves, Jungle Valley, Pen

Tier 2

Arena, Crater, Defiled Cathedral, Fields, Frozen Cabins, Gardens, Grotto, Infested Valley, Lair, Moon Temple, Peninsula, Promenade, Spider Forest, Sunken City, Tower, Tropical Island, Underground River, Underground Sea, Volcano, Wharf

Tier 3

Ancient City, Arid Lake, Ashen Wood, Basilica, Belfry, Canyon, Cemetery, Courtyard, Factory, Forking River, Geode, Glacier, Graveyard, Laboratory, Lava Chamber, Mud Geyser, Orchard, Overgrown Ruin, Pier, Plaza, Primordial Blocks, Reef, Shore, Strand, Sulphur Vents, Temple, Toxic Sewer, Vaal Pyramid

Tier 4

Academy, Arsenal, Bone Crypt, Cage, Channel, Courthouse, Crimson Temple, Crystal Ore, Desert, Dunes, Iceberg, Leyline, Lookout, Marshes, Museum, Precinct, Primordial Pool, Ramparts, Wasteland

Tier 5

Armoury, Atoll, Carcass, Cells, Chateau, Desert Spring, Haunted Mansion, Lighthouse, Palace, Shrine, Waste Pool, 

Tier 6

Malformation, Silo

Tier 7

Dark Forest, Waterways

Tier 8

Alleyways, Dry Sea, Racecourse

Tier 9

Dungeon, Mausoleum, Mineral Pools, Overgrown Shrine, Relic Chambers, Spider Lair, Stagnation

Tier 10

Forbidden Woods, Ghetto, Phantasmagoria, Scriptorium

Tier 11

Cold River, Conservatory, Flooded Mine, Fungal Hollow, Grave Trough, Ivory Temple, Port

Tier 12

Coral Ruins, Crimson Township, Dig, Shipyard, Siege

Tier 13

Cursed Crypt, Maze, Park, Plateau

Tier 14

Acid Caverns, Barrows, Beach, Bramble Valley, Caldera, City Square, Colosseum, Core, Excavation, Mesa, Residence, Sepulchre, Thicket

Tier 15

Arachnid Tomb, Bazaar, Bog, Castle Ruins, Colonnade, Estuary, Foundry, Lava Lake, Summit, Terrace, Vault, Villa

Tier 16

Arachnid Nest, Burial Chambers, Necropolis, Pit

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