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Path Of Exile Guide: Some Useful Tips For The Duelist Class


The Duelist can be said to be the favorite of veterans. He has the ability to cause damage in a large area and maintain his advantage on the front lines. It is difficult for him to play in the early stages of the game, but if used properly, he will become a powerful threat later in the game.

Focus on impale

The original Duelist best build includes move impale, which can destroy the most powerful enemy with a single juiced-up attack, but the move and its Ascendancy have been weakened. But it is still the most loved build.

Max out spell resistance

Using gear with magic resistance, there is no need to throw away all the great Duelist gear. Its stat reaches the highest level with 75% resistance. Once this threshold is reached, you can invest in damage.

On critical hit advantages

Novices need to avoid On critical hit spells and passives. But veterans have mastered these, so they need to adapt to the inconsistent abilities going off at unpredictable times, but Duelist is special.

Duelist has a very high attack speed, and spells that trigger On critical hits will happen regularly. So when other classes discard these gems, Duelist should pick them up. After gaining enough attack speed, it will release additional damage.

Tinker with the skill gems

Although most of the skills and weapons of Duelist are relatively rigid, you can show your creativity through skill gems. Duelist can use Flicker Strike to blink all over, use Viper Strike to poison the enemies, or use Cleave to wipe out minion, or use all three of them in one build.

Balance strength and dexterity

For Duelist, it is important to balance strength and dexterity at the same time. Too much strength will hit hard but miss a lot, and too much dexterity will hit often but can only deal little damage. Therefore, Duelist should set at least one bridge in each passive skill area of strength and dexterity.

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