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Path of Exile: How to gear up Lightning Arrow Build

Sep 15, 2022

So many of you guys may know bow builds have been around Path of Exile for a very long time, and with a strong demand for powerful, fast-moving builds in every League, bow builds have always been a staple within the POE meta.

But one of the biggest problems with running a bow build is that you have very poor single target damage, thus I use the Storm Rain Ballista. So do you want extremely fast clear speed? Lightning arrows got you covered; do you want boss melting single Target DPS? Storm rain will do the trick. Do not say no more, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Lightning Arrow Storm Rain Deadeye.

Generally speaking, to gear up this build you're gonna need a lot, sorry guys this ain't no casual build. To start off we're going to be running Crystallized Omniscience, this means that we're going to be looking for a lot of stat attributes on our gear, alternatively you can also use the Amulet of the Mind Goblin. For our bow we have a Gale Stinger, with chance to increase attack speed and chance to deal double damage. For the quiver you want at the minimum an additional arrow mod and high lightning damage. And do not forget craft yourself some of rings with T1 stats life and non-channeling skills could reduced Mana cost.

Next we'll want High spell suppression on our boots, body armor and gloves. Make sure the gloves also have a high accuracy rating, life and attack speed. You'll notice that my boots also have the Elusive and Onslaught mods, which help out quite a bit in damage and clear speed.

Finally we have our uniques, for the helmet you want a Black Sun Crest with a Lightning Arrow enchant, and as high of a stat roll as you can get. The same goes for our Cyclopean Coil, which also happens to provide freeze immunity for our build.

To all the casual players out there, this build unfortunately does not have a very linear progression, it takes quite a bit of investment to get it up and running. Meanwhile, many people will find that it's not super enjoyable in the earlier phases, but for those of you who love the long-term rewards, the Lightning Arrow is perfect for you.

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